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Why do all Democrats sound like idiots when they talk about guns?


The recent Democratic Debate proved once again that Republicans and Democrats are not that different. As I watched and carefully listened, it occurred to me that both parties resembled “Topper” in the Dilbert Comic Strip. Each candidate felt a need to outdo the other much like a couple of eight year old boys sizing each other up shortly after they meet. Republicans try to prove who is the most stoic and resistant to the slightest change. Democrats try to prove who is the most willing to destroy the Constitution and the individual freedoms it provides.

Often these political contests leave the tracks and enter the fantasy world of propaganda gone amok. A world in which lies told often enough eventually become believed. That was certainly true in the Democratic Debate discussion of “gun control.”

Hillary, you said: “All Republicans want to continue to let people who are on the no fly list, buy guns.”

There is a reason that MOST Republicans object. The no-fly list does not require probable cause, and the list only contains a name. There are several instances where people with the same name have falsely been denied the right to fly because of confusion with someone having the same name. A little loose for denial of liberty. When you buy a gun, a background check is performed. If there is probable cause, the FBI should deny the application. In essence, adding the no-fly list to the FBI’s list of reasons for denial is a subversive way to take away an American Liberty without due process. You can decide for yourself if that is constitutional.

Hillary, you said: “Guns will not make America safer.”

Uh… yes they do. Guns prevent violent crime from between five to twenty times more often than crimes which are actually committed with a firearm. Guns in the hands of good guys do stop bad guys. Every day. How many lives in San Bernardino would have been saved if just a couple of the victims had been allowed to defend themselves?

Hillary, you said: “Arming more people to do what…? Is not the appropriate response to terrorism!”

No one is arming civilians, merely allowing them their constitutional right to defend themselves against attacks where the government fails to do so. That is the what. Rather simple and appropriate response actually.

Sanders, you said: “We’ve got to eliminate the Gun Show loophole.”

There is no loop hole for gun shows. When you go to a gun show and want to buy a gun, the vendor is required to call the FBI for a background check just like you would at the vendor’s store. The only loophole in the background check is for private sellers, father to son, etc., not gun shows! If you are in the business of selling guns, you are required to be a licensed vendor and no loophole applies, anywhere.

Sanders again: “We have got to see that weapons designed by the military to kill people are not in the hands of civilians.”

Those types of weapons have been outlawed since the 1930’s.

O’Malley, you said: “…ISIL training videos say the easiest way to get a combat assault weapon in the United States of America is at a gun show.”

This is so naïve it is laughable. First, as stated, you can’t buy a combat assault rifle. Second, folks at gun shows tend to be red-neck Republicans. It would be very interesting to see the reaction an Islamic bad boy would receive if he should walk into a gun show and try to buy a weapon without a background check. I doubt it would be pleasant.

Hillary, you said: “I have voted not to give gun sellers and makers immunity.”

This is simply an insidious and evil misdirection. If a gun misfires or is faulty you have a right to sue, there is no immunity. If someone misuses a gun however, there is no liability to the manufacturer any more than if someone were to drive a perfectly performing automobile into a crowd of people. This bit of propaganda is nothing more or less than a direct attack on the second amendment in an effort to get rid of ALL guns.

Outwardly it appears as if these Democratic candidates have no clue what they are talking about. You tell me, are they idiots, liars or do they have some other end game. As a minimum, they are retelling these and other lies often enough people are believing them. Are you one?

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