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Why Benghazi Lies Don’t Matter


It is wrong to lie.

Recently I listened to Megan Kelly’s interview with Charles Koch. I was impressed and judged him to be a highly principled, hardworking man; kind of heart and settled in a personal and corporate philosophy of what he considers to be right. Indeed, he often displayed the tender gleam in his eye of an old man at peace with himself and with his place in the world. His sin, it would seem, is his extreme wealth.

Leading up to and immediately following the interview the character assassinations began anew. They spewed forth from the usual unworthy left leaning media sources such as this article “Megan Kelly Interviews America’s Most Downtrodden Victim, Charles Koch” from the The Huffington Post.

Yes, Charles Koch is a very wealthy man and yes he takes advantage of the Supreme Court’s ruling which allows him to spend his money to influence politics. However, the false witness firestorm that followed is mostly immoral. You see, it is wrong to lie.

Shortly after the Presidential election in 2012, Harry Reid was confronted with the outright lie he floated concerning Mitt Romney. Harry Reid had stated from the Senate floor that he was privy to inside information showing Mitt Romney had not paid any taxes for the last ten years. He had no such information. When later confronted with the lie, his response was not one of remorse or even the appropriate embarrassment, but a rationalization that the “issue was important” and thereby, he implied, lying was justified. His crowning rationalization, “he didn’t win did he?” will live in history as Senator Reid’s personal ticket to Hell. You see, especially when defaming a fellow congregant, it is wrong to lie.

Both parties stretch the truth but the left seems to be particularly adept with seemingly no moral compunction against doing so. Perhaps it is because the media sustains them in their guile. It is this penchant to false character assassination, this unfettered and even often poorly disguised willingness to mendacious fabrication that seems to define today’s left.

There is no better example than the Benghazi Committee. The Democrat’s show a total unwillingness to understand what the committee is trying to do. Is it partisan? You bet. The whole thing is to get the Obama administration to admit they knew the Benghazi attack was a planned terrorist assault from the very beginning but they knowingly put forward the video scenario simply for political posturing. Libya was supposed to be a win for Obama during the election and he didn’t want the truth to come out before the voting a mere fifty plus days in the future. It is the Republicans desire to force the Democrats to admit the Obama administration knowingly lied for political gain. They seek vindication that President Obama won the 2012 election because of this and other deceits. Having proven the truth it is the Republican’s belief that the Democrats will flail about in remorseful anguish and political points will be won. Oh my, but the Republicans are naïve! Because Conservatives, and therefore most Republicans, believe in a principles based philosophy rather than a rationalized dogma, they have trouble coming to terms with the concept that lying is acceptable. You see, what most Republicans can’t understand is the Democrats, and the media that support them, simply don’t care if President Obama, Hillary Clinton or Susan Rice lied as long as they won. Yes, it is wrong to lie but, amoral people supported by a rationalized dogma, don’t care.

Both Democrats and Republicans engage in “spin.” Perhaps no greater irony exists than the line, “the spin stops here;” Bill O’Reily’s trademark. But even he respects the truth. You see, Bill has learned his lesson, it is wrong to tell outright lies.

The media that supports left leaning politics and even many Democrats themselves, have no such compunction against false witness. That is why the Democrats don’t get the Benghazi investigation. That is why Harry Reid is going to Hell. And that is why we now believe that all rich people, especially the Koch brothers, are evil.

However, in a moral world, and democracy demands a moral citizenry to be successful, it is still wrong to lie.

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