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Where is Rubio?


Like the game, Marco… Polo, Marco Rubio is looking for something. The prize that he seeks is, of course, the Presidency of the United States, but can he find it?

Last Monday, Marco Rubio, the Junior Senator from Florida made the expercted annoucement. “Yesterday is over,” he said and then asked us to let him lead America into the future as its President. So where is Marco now and where will the future find Rubio?

Marco…?  Rubio is in a tax plan somewhere to the soft side of other Republican tax plans and budget proposals. Rubio is to the right of others that would court the Hispanic vote on immigration. Rubio is in competition with his old mentor and friend, Jeb Bush. Rubio is in the dough with a new super-PAC, Conservative Solutions and accordingly, Rubio is beholding to the billionaire Norman Braman. Rubio is in the creation of Florida Health Choices, a Florida health care system now with a whopping 80 participants and that leads Rubio into a dubious position in Repeal and Replace of the Affordable Care Act now with over 7 million participants. Rubio is in the opposition to President Obama’s normalization of relations with Cuba. Rubio is out flying high with other misguided political hawks which places Rubio is in the proverbial dumpster at The Moral Middle. (I think the country has had enough of hawks for a while.) Of course, Rubio is in the Tea Party. …Rubio!

Marco…? Marco is in his very first term as a United States Senator. …Rubio!

Marco…? Marco is a very bright, young, charismatic and popular politician but, he does not have the experience to be President; not yet. …Rubio!

Where is Marco…? The Junior Senator, Marco Rubio is possibly in the Vice Presidency. Although, I think I would rather see Carly Fiorina get the nod. …Rubio!

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