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Whack-a-Mole: A conspiracy theory


It is getting so that every election cycle a new grass roots movement pops up just like some whack-a-mole game. It started right after President Obama first took office in January 2009. Let’s start in Chicago when Rick Santelli called for a tea party to protest a liberal Obama agenda. It caught on. Soon tea party protests were being held all over the country. One even showed up in my small home town. Conservative media helped out and at the 2010 elections the Tea Party was successful in getting their agenda, originally conservative economic reform, in front of the public. Candidates supported by the Tea Party were successful. Those opposed by the Tea Party, not so much. A grass roots movement was born. The Republican Party was, and still is, a little miffed. The Democratic Party was taking notes.

Fast forward to September 17, 2011, Zuccotti Park in New York City. A sleep-over protest was called near New York’s financial district to protest the rich not sharing. “We are the 99%” and a derogatory conversation slamming successful Americans was born. The Democrats had their Whack-a-Mole; “Occupy Wall Street.” Less than four weeks after it started President Obama and Vice President Biden were muscling in on the Occupy Wall Street party. With President Biden’s comments at a Washington forum where he stated the movement had a lot in common with the Tea Party, you could see the envy and the avarice abate. The Democrats had successfully usurped and claimed as their own, a grass roots movement. Only, if the government jumps in at the start and pushes it forward, is it still grass roots?

The “World Socialist Web Site” made the connection with the Democratic Party stating in an October 8, 2011 article: “Biden’s reference to the Tea Party was by no means offhand. As a number of statements by Democratic strategists and newspaper columns… around the Democrats indicate, there is a desire within the (Democratic) party to exploit the protests for its own purposes, much in the way the Republicans have utilized the Tea Party.”

The DNC had a success. We now, at the behest of the Democratic Party, hate the one percent. Billionaires are evil simply by virtue of their success. The narrative is not unlike that attributed to Jews in the not so distant past. Not long after the New York sleep-in started, stories of sexual assault in Zuccotti Park along with filthy living conditions broke it up. Nevertheless, the movement, with the blessings of the Democratic Party and the liberal news media, spread across the nation. We all remember news videos of mob violence, looting, and downright rascality. Tear gas, Molotov cocktails and shattered business widows! Wow, these people were serious. The usurped movement was a success for the Party. The 2012 elections were impacted.

Well since that worked, let’s try it again.

On February 26, 2012, the young (black) man Trayvon Martin was walking through a gated community where burglaries were being committed by, coincidently, a couple of black guys. The evidence available, and there isn’t a lot, indicates that having been unnecessarily and rudely bird dogged by George Zimmerman, Trayvon attacked and overpowered him. Zimmerman was armed. Trayvon was shot and killed.

Sympathy from the highest levels of the Democratic Party was almost immediate. President Obama said, “He could have been my son.” An obvious nod to Trayvon’s race. Black organizers were quickly on the scene. The incident was touted as white on black discrimination. (The fact that George Zimmerman is Hispanic and was raised with other black children did not fit the narrative so it was ignored.)

Nevertheless, out of the embers of Florida, the next “grass roots” opportunity was born.

August 9th 2014, Ferguson Mo., with the 2016 election cycle not far away, Michael Brown, an unarmed and extremely large black man, was shot and killed by a local white police officer. There were peaceful protests. The day after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, riots broke out. Cue Al Ferguson, Jessie Jackson and other rascals who make a living off of convincing good people they are victims. The lie “Hands up, don’t shoot” was born. Marches were organized, national television was brought in and speeches were made.

This was too good of an opportunity to pass up. The grass roots movement which had started with Trayvon Martin in Florida had just been given a second wind. President Obama quickly jumped in expressing sympathy for the cause. Al Sharpton and others were invited to the Whitehouse where President Obama was heard to advise Al to “stay on course.” Those words indicated a tacit if not complicit approval in the Ferguson protests and riots and in the lie “Hands up, don’t shoot.” To ensure the movement could carry on to the next election cycle, Eric Holder and the US Justice Department were dispatched to keep the embers warm. After all, you can’t count on a local police department to keep a political gold mine in front of the public for two years. Federal involvement gave the protest legitimacy solidifying the debate for the next election cycle. But most important, once again there was video of mob violence, looting, tear gas, Molotov cocktails and shattered business widows! Good TV wins votes.

Before the race baiters and our own Federal Government were through, parts of Ferguson were in flames.

Subsequent shootings and brutality toward blacks by white policemen have been similarly used for political longevity. Many of these more recent incidents, have more inherent legitimacy and have served to solidify the movement. It is now tightly packaged and marketed as the “grass roots” movement “Black Lives Matter.”

Once again, the Democrats have successful aided in the creation of their very own “grass roots” mandate for the future, the 2016 elections.

Imagine the surprise when Democratic Party candidates were confronted by Black Lives Matter activists. As in the story “Frankenstein’s Monster,” the artificial creation, once brought to life, has turned on its creator.

Make no mistake however, the creation and rise of the Black Lives Matter movement has been orchestrated and blessed by the Democratic Party and its leaders. While the concern is currently stated as the manufactured and politically expedient moniker “systemic white supremacy,” the true goal has simply been to count votes in the 2016 election. Anyone who doesn’t give credence to the possibility are very naive.

The sad part, is the loss of property and lives attributed to the Black Lives Movement. The chaos and destruction can and should be laid, in part, at the feet of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and others. Their support has been complicit.

The good part is the raised awareness and the discussion of what may, in part, be a legitimate issue. It is this possibility of a valid issue which then begs an answer to the question:

Do Black Lives Matter?

Absolutely! But to the Democratic Party, the value of black lives would appear to be, first and foremost, at the voting booth.

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