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We’ve been duped!


Back in August I wrote an article pointing out the evil in today’s media bias. I thought it odd at the time that CNN, MSNBC and other Democrat leaning media outlets were giving Donald so much, positive, free air time. They obviously wanted to throw a monkey wrench into the Republican primary. Now we can see the end game went way beyond that.

Think it through. Was Donald successful because he was backed by the Republican party? No. The Republican leadership was and is anti-Trump. Was he successful in gaining the nomination because he had won the support of Republican and conservative pundits? No. Those endorsements came after he had the nomination practically won. Was he successful because he spent millions of his own money? No. He spent very little in the primaries. So who did back him? The only group he had working for him was the more liberal media. It was CNN and MSNBC (who even let him write his own questions for an interview) and others. It was the more liberal media who selected Donald Trump to run against Hillary Clinton. The Democrat party selected Donald Trump and with the help of their most effective super pack, the liberal media, they were able to make it happen.

But, there is even more. It was the Democrat party that altered the rules of their primary so that Hillary had a full third of the Electoral votes before the Democrat primary even began. It was also the Democrat party that collaborated with Hillary’s campaign to cheat Bernie Sanders out of a legitimate shot at the nomination. It was the Democrat party that pre-selected Hillary for president and then made sure to find an opponent in the General election that she could beat: Donald Trump.

There is still more. This is the same media that is providing he DNC with debate questions to ensure that Hillary does well in the debates. The same DNC that claims there is no election fraud when we know there is. This fraud seems to be perpetrated mostly by Democrats. As long as your cheating anyway, why not. We wouldn’t want to leave anything to chance.

If you are like me, you spend time studying the issues, weighing the ideas of the candidates and then dutifully going to the polls and exercise your right to vote. However, it doesn’t seem to matter. There are enough voters willing to believe anything the media tells them that an honest vote no longer counts for enough to elect well qualified Presidents. We are no longer a democracy.

We have become on Oligarchy where the Democrat party has in 2016 decided who they want to lead the country and then they have spent millions and millions of wasted dollars on lies and propaganda to persuade low information voters to do what they want. Congratulations. You now have Hillary; a liar, a thief and a traitor running against an imbecile, Donald Trump, for the most powerful position in the world. Democracy is dead.

What is to be done? Do we elect Hillary and set the idea that a free people can govern itself on a shelf to be thought of wistfully as a noble and unattainable venture? Do we rebel against those that would bend us to their corruption and elect the imbecile they set before us to make their choice look good? Can we put together enough votes behind a third party to send to decision to the House of Representatives and hope they can see a solution better than we can? I don’t have the answer. I will tell you this though, I will never support the evil combinations that have put us in this situation. I will never give up on the concepts of freedom and self-determination. I will never give up on this country which I love. I will never do what I am told by a corrupt of biased liberal media. I will never vote for Hillary.


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