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We American’s are stupid.


I spent a large part of my life involved in human resources administration.  My expertise in those days included job analysis and the development of skill requirements needed in hiring successful individuals for those jobs. As I apply the knowledge I learned as a Human Resources professional to the current Presidential election, I have to conclude that we, as voters, have become just plain stupid. That is abundantly clear when we look at the individuals leading in the current presidential primaries.

I think the problem lies with our media focused society. We seem to be looking for an entertainer in chief rather than a sober, honest and trustworthy individual with expertise in foreign affairs, military engagement, economics, leadership and government. An individual with an understanding of and an appreciation for the Constitution which they will swear to uphold. Someone that is required to work extremely well with others. Someone who can represent the citizens of the United States before the world. Someone who can be trusted with nuclear war.

These basic requirements eliminate all four of the current primary leaders.

Hillary is not trustworthy.

Bernie does not understand the Constitution or, if he does, as an avowed Socialist, he does not agree with it.

Donald does not have an expertise in the intricacies of governance and International politics as so poignantly highlighted by Jeb Bush in showing the flaws of Donald’s blanket Muslim prohibition and his flaws in knee jerk tariffs during the latest Republican debate. He certainly is not someone I would want to represent me.

Ted Cruz simply has not worked well with others.

What are we doing America? The only thing these four individuals have in common is their ability to entertain us on TV. Why are patriots like Nikki Hailey, Paul Ryan and Jim Webb not in the mix? Why are good Governors doing so poorly (Christi, Kasich, Webb and Bush?)

We seem to be projecting our own little ids upon the highest office of the world. The result is we have a thief, a pseudo intellectual with capitalism issues, a TV narcissist and an obstinate, and often wrong, ideologue in contention to run the most successful, and most dangerous, nation in the history of the world.

Our media addiction has betrayed us.

The only hope left is that we will come to our senses in time.

I see only four possibilities. We must get behind Kasich, Christi or Rand Paul. (Bush is disqualified because of his last name although he would probably do a good job.) Carly could probably learn the job quickly enough. If I were a Democrat (which I am not) I would jump on the band wagon for Christi. If I were a Republican (which I am not) I would support Kasich. If I were Tea Party (which I am not) I would vote for Rand.

I just simply cannot understand how anyone, not in a mental institution, can support Clinton, Sanders or Trump. I just don’t get it! As the once famous cartoon stated:

We have met the enemy and he is us. -Pogo


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