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Twiddle Tweeter Trump


Today the media is aghast and hard at work creating news; about itself. What precipitated this is President Donald Trump tweeting. The object of the tweet was a rather humorous gif of him body slamming CNN. Oh no! they cry; violence! How can this be?

I love it.

Donald Trump did not become president because he was a slick and polished politician. Rather, he became President because he wasn’t. His tweet was inappropriate. It was definitely not Presidential. It was however, well deserved on the part of CNN…

I find it hard to be sympathetic.

But, the President is promoting violence against the media! He is attacking the first amendment! No, he isn’t. Give it a rest already. No one believes your drivel. The only people listening are media puppets who are more concerned with tribal winning than with truth, fairness, or what is right.

Puppets I do not love. They, like CNN have nothing new to offer the national discussion.

When CNN, and other media outlets, chose to quit reporting news and started creating it, they also started their own demise. I, like so many others, don’t want the hear your opinions. I don’t want to be told what to think. I can judge things for myself. Technology is making you superfluous anyway, for example Twitter. I am fully capable of taking the President’s tweets and drawing my own conclusions. When CNN and others choose to feed me their own tripe rather than providing me with accurate information, they are no longer of value to me, to others seeking information, or to our nation. I follow the President on Twitter. Now good, bad, rude, stupid, or brilliant, I know what the President is thinking and doing. I am getting the information direct from the source. I am informed rather than brainwashed. It is, after all, much simpler to understand what President Trump means with his tweets than it is to figure out what CNN is plotting.

I really love direct communication from the President.

CNN, I have no use for your propaganda. In a capitalistic society, you must offer something of value to the public to survive. You no longer do. You have been removed from my daily news feed for about a year now and…

I have not missed you.

President Trump. Keep it up. I didn’t vote for you. I am not really sure that you are the type of man who I would want to invite into my home for dinner. Occasionally your tweets mortify me. Sometimes I find them humorous. Often, I like what you have to say. In all cases, I appreciate hearing directly from you.

By the way, I do rather approve of what you are doing as the President. So, please continue to let me know what is going on. And, while you are at it, continue to give this country back to the people. Fight for individual freedom and shun government intrusion into my life. (But, would it hurt for you to try and be a little civil? Fewer raucous comments and a little more Presidential discourse couldn’t hurt.)

I would like that.

And CNN, take a long walk off a short pier.


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