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The Twisted Ben Carson Circus


It is no secret that virtually all of America’s news media has taken sides in our nation’s political landscape. Some favoring the Democrats, or the left, and a few who favor the Republicans, or the right.  Currently, the left media, led by Politico, has set itself the task of defining Ben Carson as a liar! With a simple step back and a quick look at the larger picture, you would think the enormous irony of such a ludicrous endeavor would awaken even a neo-liberal and bring them back to a common reality. But no, you see the left media is immoral to the point that reality is no longer a concern. The egregious nature of the lies they tell is a tragedy for our time.

The obvious point of this irony is that Hillary Clinton is a consummate liar, not Ben Carson. The recent Benghazi hearings laid open her lies in front of the entire world for anyone who cares about such things. In so doing it only punctuates a larger pattern of deception extending through her emails, her finances, even the attempt to abscond with Whitehouse furniture. What is so blatantly conspicuous is the left doesn’t really care about their candidate being a liar. (Why Benghazi Lies Don’t Matter) If they did, Hillary would not be leading the Democratic Primary. The depth of this irony continues to get even deeper when, for some reason, the left thinks it would matter if they could actually find one lie to lay at Ben Carson’s feet. A goal they seem to be having some difficulty with despite a massive effort to do so.

The problem arises because Ben Carson is basically honest. The left accused him of lying about a West Point scholarship. He produced the West Point recruitment material in which West Point described their all-inclusive appointments in just those terms. They accused him of lying about tasking a college class which didn’t exist. Ben produced the syllabus. When they couldn’t find a friend from decades ago who might corroborate Ben’s story, the media accused him of lying about trying to stab a friend. The story, Ben replied, was actually about a close member of the family who doesn’t want to get involved and was confirmed by his mother years ago. Etc., etc.

Ben Carson is an active Christian. He believes in the commandment “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” The left media, with no such moral compunction, seems oblivious to what that means. They seem to believe that everyone shares their same immorality. So, they continue to try and stop the Ben Carson flood of climbing poll numbers with empty sand bags of false lies. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Ben, while not perfect, just simply is not a habitual liar.

Nevertheless they persist because it worked with Mitt Romney. Mitt they decided to define as a heartless, rich and therefore evil guy. Well, he is somewhat wealthy but the rest is a lie. They broadened the lie and painted him as out of touch. It was just a bigger lie. The unwashed masses, however, bought the deceptions and the election went to Barak Obama. It has worked before, so the left media continues their vacuous deceptions.

You see, Mitt Romney just smiled at the lies and let them fester. He felt the American public would see through the falsehoods. Many did not. I don’t think Dr. Carson will make the same mistake. He is addressing the inaccuracies and the more he does, the more the public recognizes his virtues. Personally, I am not sure Ben Carson is the best Republican candidate for President in the 2016 election but, if the left continues this charade of trying to falsely define Ben Carson as something he is not, they may end up getting him elected.

The left media is both devious and immoral. Moreover, their inability to recognize and appreciate virtue in others just makes them look stupid.

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