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The United States has long been a beacon for democracy throughout the world. Today we stand in shame as would-be self appointed Overlords of the universe; and whoever dares to stand in our way will forever be branded and upbraided as… racist.

Israel is a democracy and an important American ally. Reports this last week have demonstrated how the U.S. State Department funneled $350,000 tax dollars to liberal organizations in Israel in an effort to affect the election process and unseat Netanyahu. Along with money, opposition parties were privileged to have the assistance of U.S. advisors to help in the election process. Through our help, (the United States of America) American style door-to-door contacting and the bussing of Israel’s Arab citizens to the polls was setup. This was all done in an effort to increase votes for the Zionist Union and Isaac Herzog. Our country, founded on freedom and democracy, directly interfered in the democratic election process of one of our strongest allies!

Just days before the election, Netanyahu responded by a Facebook post in which he pointed out that “Arabs” were being bussed to the polls by liberal organizations (read U.S. supported liberal organizations.) Jewish citizens responded, heading to the polls in an effort to counter the U.S. interference. This, together with other factors, resulted in the landslide victory for Netanyahu.

We were found out in our interference and the effort backfired. Normally, having been discovered and defeated in such an underhanded violation of democratic and international principles, we would skulk away and try to hide. Not us! We boldly stand up and declare Netanyahu to be a racist. After all, in his Facebook post he did use the word “Arab.” Conveniently, in so doing, we overlooked our own anti-Semitic actions.

Obama ran a poorly conceived and unscrupulous gambit and lost. Of course we all know that when President Obama fails it is sometimes Bush’s fault or, the Republicans fault but no matter who is at fault, the other guy, in this instance Netanyahu, is always a racist.

Step back and look at this. We interfered in Israel’s legal and democratic election. We financed it with U.S. taxpayer money; we supported the American style door-to-door campaigning; we supported the bussing of Arabs; we acted contrary to Israel’s legal and rightful sovereignty. We, the United States of America, spit on Israeli democracy! We then have the temerity to throw labels at Netanyahu because we didn’t get our way! What are we; some spoiled four year old throwing a fit? I just simply can’t understand the absolute arrogance that this sort of Orwellian buffoonery implies! Not only does our President think he is smarter than our own citizenry who out of fear cling to their God and their guns, he is now smarter than Israel’s own citizens when it comes to who should be their Prime Minister! Damn the democracy, full speed ahead!

Maybe tomorrow will be better but, today the United States is no longer a beacon of democracy. Rather, we have become supporters of the Obama legacy. No mere public servant anymore, all hail the narcissistic and arrogant King Obama!


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