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The Media, Good, Bad and Often Ugly


Exodus 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

It probably started with your mother, most likely your parents. Other relatives, a grandparent perhaps, also contributed. Definitely in school you were taught. You tried it anyway and hurt people that you cared for. If we get caught on job applications we know bad things can happen. When you swear in a court of law you can be punished by law. We all know that lying is just simply wrong.

Yet Joseph Schumpeter felt it necessary to say: “The first thing a man will do for his ideal is lie.”

On a recent evening, I sat down to catch up on some of the news commentary for the day. I started with a popular show on Fox and quickly deleted it from the DVR as Fox was offering nothing new that night. What they were airing was nothing but simple propaganda. I love simple propaganda, it is easy to spot. Some of my readers may feel doubt because they like Fox. Others I am sure are not surprised to discover that many Fox programs have a conservative bias. Don’t be too shocked, it is no big surprise. Like I said, Fox propaganda is easy to spot.

On the other hand, one competitive cable news channel is so surreptitious, insidious and effective at implanting covert propaganda into our national consciousness, they have moved beyond pure Orwellian achievement. This honor is won simply because they are so effective while avoiding wholesale detection. The realization of what they are accomplishing, quite frankly, has me absolutely frightened. The culprit, our national center for disinformation, is none other than CNN.

Their progressive bias is much more insidious and detrimental to the national dialogue simply because it is so well hidden and because they are so good at it. As a trusted news source their betrayal of this nation’s freedom is nothing less than traitorous. Perhaps I should explain just a bit.

Let’s start with something simple. Stella Morabito in her article “10 Key Ways To Break The Mass Delusion Machine”  lists “Drop Political Correctness” as the number one method of avoiding propaganda. She continues: “Political Correctness is all about Propaganda Compliance… PC is basically a calculated process of molding public opinion through psychological manipulation.” CNN has recently spent hours and hours trying to instill in the public mind that the term “Anchor Baby” is offensive, bad and not to be uttered. Really? Who does it offend? The true bigot here is anyone who can answer that question as any answer given will require generic assumptions which always lay the foundation of outright bigotry. Ask yourself what other “politically correct” norms has CNN been supporting the past five years and you begin to see the depth and scope of their deception.

CNN has a penchant for programing which pulls heart strings rather than informs. Admittedly all news/opinion shows do this, after all blood sells, but CNN goes on hour after hour after hour ad nauseum with any story which furthers a progressive agenda and can be given an emotional twist. For instance, The Ferguson riots, or the Virginia Shootings with full coverage of the funeral, etc. The lengthy oratory on emotional stories forces anyone of intellect to finally categorize such teary eyed filibusters as mere kitsch at variance to the tragedies being propagandized. No big deal except, again from Stellla Moribito, “Saturation is the practice of repeating a deception relentlessly…” It could simply be put down to trying to sell stories if it were not for the incessant repetition and most often, accompanying political correctness.

There is the recent story surrounding Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos. The same night that Fox News was throwing out conservative propaganda, I caught a CNN report on Jorge Ramos being ejected from a Donald Trump question and answer session with the press. In case you missed the full story. Donald was taking questions from the press. Jorge tried to interject himself into the dialogue without waiting to be called on, not all that unusual. He was not however, asking questions but rather loudly editorializing or lecturing Mr. Trump. After numerous failing attempts to get Ramos to sit down and wait his turn, Donald had him peacefully removed. Five minutes later, being encouraged by the other reporters, Mr. Trump brought Ramos back in and made a good effort at answering his questions.

The CNN report which I caught that night showed Mr. Ramos being removed. Then it showed some unknown idiot in the hall (surreptitiously suggested by CNN to be a Trump supporter.) making a very derogatory comment. Cut. Then came the studio smack talk of Donald being a bigot, etc. because he threw poor, undeserving Mr. Ramos out and then, somehow, by association with Donald, the entire Republican Party was responsible for the ethnic slight in the hallway.  You see the difference? No mention of Mr. Ramos’ inappropriate behavior. No mention of him being allowed back in. No mention of Donald giving him the floor and answering his questions. Just a misrepresentation, a mockup, to lead into false accusations and insinuations. Propaganda. They all do it but, CNN seems to do it so much better.

The art in CNN’s propaganda is not what they say so much as what they chose to show and what they chose not to show. It took me months to grasp that stories which did not fit their more progressive agenda seldom get mentioned. Those stories promoting a CNN utopia get run relentlessly until it becomes truth. But, it goes beyond that. There is also an unscrupulous aspect.

I noticed early in this developing 2016 election cycle that every time I flipped over to CNN they were talking about Trump. Almost every single time, for weeks. They were talking about him with what appeared to be little suppressed giggles, perhaps they were all just happy, but whatever, the point is they were really not discussing Donald in a derogatory light. I thought it rather strange at the time. CNN was just simply giving Donald air time, lots of air time. About the middle of August the narrative flipped. No longer was it just lots of air time but now it became Donald Trump is the leading Republican. Donald Trump is stupid. Therefore, all Republicans are stupid. Faulty reasoning and pure propaganda. The horror here is they obviously set him up! Can anyone honestly tell me that CNN did not have the end game in mind when they started to give all that early air time to Donald? Of course they did! CNN was not reporting news. They were not commenting on the news. They were creating the news they wanted. It is an ongoing purposeful sabotage of the entire Republican Party. The entire thing is false, unscrupulous, dishonest and wrong.

So today I get on Facebook. What are all of my CNN friends saying? “Anchor Baby is a derogatory and bigoted term.” (Well, no it is not.) Donald Trump would not answer Jorge Ramos’ questions! (Well yes, he did.) The Republicans are stupid, just look at Donald! (Donald is neither representative of the Republican Party nor is the only Republican in the field. In fact, Donald is not really very Republican at all.) You know, I am not a Donald Trump fan. I am not even a Republican. It makes me mad that CNN and their propaganda machine keeps putting me in situations where I feel a need to defend them against blatant lies and surreptitious innuendo. (Like I just did.)

What all this means is; if you are a CNN viewer, you are not having a discussion about the very real issue of immigration fraud. It means you are involved in progressive ideas that CNN supports at an emotional level. It means the discussion has been successfully deflected so that you now have no idea what Donald did say at his press conference. Do you? Am I wrong? You see the way that your information has been controlled?

Why are CNN viewers not having these discussions? Because these discussions do not support CNN’s progressive agenda. Because, you are not allowed to. After all, it would be politically incorrect. It is as if you have been told time and time again; “These are not the droids you are looking for.” Do you feel like a rather stupid Imperial Storm Trooper? CNN seems to think you are.

Our media outlets that feed us political information are lying to us. Perhaps they had no parents to teach them lying, or bearing false witness, is wrong. CNN is only different because they are extremely good at it.

My friends, CNN is serving up a very potent pitcher of Cool Aid and quite frankly, it scares me. It scares me because people are drinking. A lot of people. When we all told our first lies as a child it might have led to the end of a good friendship. I see these media lies broadcast to millions and wonder if this politically served Cool Aid is leading not to a lost friendship but rather to the end of a viable democratic nation. No hyperbole, I’m serious, these lies are serious and more importantly, the media is very serious; and I am very frightened.

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