The Lincoln Scenario, is David French a Lincoln in the wings?

June 3, 2016 - Politics
The Lincoln Scenario, is David French a Lincoln in the wings?

Edited: David French has declined the opportunity to run for President in an extremely well written article.

Why I am not running for President.

Perhaps the is someone else who can save us.

The election of 1860 holds many similarities to the current presidential election of 2016. In Lincoln’s day, the United States, along with both political parties (the Wigs and the Democrats) were fractured along geographic lines; the northern industrialized states versus the more agrarian southern states. The future of slavery was a major point of contention. Today our nation is very seriously fractured along similar lines. The more rural and conservative counties of our nation versus the more populous liberal leaning urban areas. Similarly, the urban progressive’s ever more radical political positions still focus around individual rights which are seen as nonsense by opposing Conservatives. Like the 1860 election, both parties are fractured with a real split in either or both parties being a very real possibility. Here is one way it could happen:

Hillary Clinton could realistically be indicted for playing lose with her private email server and state secrets as well as for selling influence during her time as Secretary of State. Such an indictment should give the nomination to Bernie Sanders. Not supportive of the long time independent Senator Sanders, the Democratic Party would quickly raise a nominee more loyal to the party itself; Joe Biden or, perhaps Elisabeth Warren.

Seeing the Democratic ticket split, the disenchanted Republicans forming the #nevertrump movement would see an opportunity to mount an independent challenge to the grass roots nomination of Donald Trump. Multiple candidates would make it possible for an independent to actually win the election. Accordingly, and in all likelihood, David French would find his name on the ticket. With four candidates, they would only need, like Lincoln, to find a plurality.

The Presidential Election of 2016 would suddenly become a replay of 1860. Four candidates, two from each of the fractured parties. In 1860 the fractured parties resulted in Lincoln winning the election with a plurality of only 39 percent of the vote.

I wonder, could history repeat and, like 1860, might the result be to have a Lincoln step forward to save our nation in this time of severe polar political ideologies? Who would that Lincoln be? Might it be the dishonest and even traitorous Hillary? Definitely not. Might it be Donald the Pig? Even less likely. Could our nation be brought back together by “feeling the Bern” with his very dangerous Democratic Socialist nonsense? Very little chance. Any of these three candidates is more likely to further fracture our nation than to heal it. Any hope then, the hope of healing, the hope of a Lincoln, the hope we so desperately need, could only come from David French. And indeed, a quick look shows him to be an individual of such moral an intellectual character that he might actually be able to accomplish it.

The Lincoln scenario is currently just fantasy but appears to be the only way in this election cycle that provides any hope for our beloved nation. We are currently trapped in a spiraling psychological episode of national self destruction. It is powered by social media which has given voice to a swarm of narcissistic idiots who puppet whatever drivel is feed to them from cable media pundits. Pundits who are striving for ratings rather than a successful nation. We fall prey to their drivel because we have rejected any form of proven moralistic compass and replaced it with the ethereal vapors of a false and ever changing arrangement of political correctness. We are wallowing in an immoral mud hole of our own making. The evidence is in the three candidates still trying to win the Presidency. This evidence tells me that the immoral and media fuel idiots now outnumber the citizens of reason. The only way through this time of crisis seems to be by splitting the vote enough that persons of reason can once again raise a Lincoln through a plurality. We desperately need just such a Lincoln. We need David French.

Who Is David French and Is He Running for President?

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