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The Liars Club; a living document to memorialize the deceitful.


The Liars Club

A wall of fame for those politicians that out right fib; who go beyond spinning, mis-speaking, failing to fact check or, habitually quote cable news. These are the bold and brazen; the outright liars. This wall memorializes those politicians that just simply make stuff up with the pure intent to deceive.

Senator Bernie Sanders

While I don’t think we can stick Senator Sanders as being the author of this string of whoopers, they properly belong to the Democrat Party and the media, on Nov. 14, 2018, Bernie expressed them very eloquently on Twitter. The lie is listed here verbatim.

“Here is the simple truth: We have a president who is a racist. A president who is a sexist. A president who is a homophobe. A president who is a xenophobe. And a president who is a religious bigot.”

Well, no. The Democrat Party has always been very good and defining their opponents. These accusations are nothing more than talking points; made up out of thin air. For evidence the Democrats pervert the Presidents desire to secure our boarders from individuals who are entering the country illegally and especially from those groups that have declared war upon our nation. The lie is egregious in that it serves to lessen the security of our nation. So, Bernie, while you don’t belong here all by yourself, your eloquence has earned you the right to represent these fabrications on The Liars Club. Welcome.

President Barack H. Obama. President Obama’s most famous lie of course was “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” This however, is not the whooper that wins his prestigious spot on this list. When news of the Benghazi attack hit on September 11th, 2012, shortly before the election, President Obama faced the nation and brazenly proclaimed the attack to be a spontaneous reaction to a film. He doubled down by sending his minions to the talk show circuit to continue the deception. He then took it so far as to get the maker of the film sent to prison. Did you get that? He actually jailed someone for making a film (can you say first amendment?) The reason for the deceit was obvious to any casual observer. He was nearing the end of what was thought to be a close election. Pres. Obama sent a man to prison to secure a lie and win his reelection. Now that is true dedication to fabrication. So, how does he get away with it? Barack is extremely eloquent. In fact, he is so eloquent and so prolific with bending the truth that he is receiving the special designation of “Silver Tonged Devil.” An extremely prestigious award given out by this monument to fibbery.

Harry Reid. Senator Reid is the motivation for this page. His famous lie is punctuated with his delivery on the floor of Senate where he brazenly proclaimed that Romney had not paid any taxes for the past ten years. Of course, Romney released returns showing that he had in deed paid over four million dollars in taxes in the past two years. When confronted with the lie he merely proclaimed. “Romney didn’t win, did he?” It is this attitude, “the end justifies the means,” that has set the bar for this wall of recognition. So, for setting the bar so well, Senator Reid gets the honor of being the first in The Moral Middle’s Liars Club. Thank you, Harry! Your legacy will have the nation remembering you for ages.

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