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The Hill and Rand Paul’s Revolution


There is a great article today in The Hill about Senator Rand Paul.

Paul seeks Republican revolution

It offers a great confirmation of my assessment of Senator Paul and his chances of being able to win the Presidency in 2016.

Rand Paul – Paradox

As I try to think through a winning strategy for November 2016, especially in anticipation of Hillary (or possibly Elizabeth Warren) being the Democratic Nominee, I am becoming more and more convinced that Rand with his appeal to young and minority voters (both being recently in the tank for the democrats) is putting together the best chance for a Republican to win the presidency.

The trouble, as with many good candidates, is simply getting through the Republican primary. I have pointed out how the primary is often counter productive to both parties but most recently it seems that the Republicans have been their own worst enemy.

The Disillusionment of “The Moral Middle

The Hill corroborates my assessment and then goes a little further in pointing out that the Republican Hawks are going to be the biggest hurdle for Senator Rand to overcome. Honestly though, isn’t it time that we took a step back from trying to police an unappreciative world? Isn’t it time to quit spending the blood of the next American generation on unappreciative foreign soil? Senator Rand is not a hawk who is looking to flex American muscle throughout the world. Nor is he his father’s isolationist. Rather, he has tempered his foreign intervention policy to one that is spot on for today’s war weary America.

The more I learn and listen to Senator Paul, the more I like his ideas and the more that I think he can win.

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