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The good, the bad, and planned parenthood


By: Adalwolf Celt

Recently there has been a lot of controversy and talk surrounding Planned Parenthood. I’m sure you’ve heard this uproar about Planned Parenthood selling the parts of unborn babies, or fetuses depending on your views, and I’m sure many of you are appalled by the thought. It has been proposed by many politicians that we defund the Planned Parenthood organization due to videos of staff, and leaders discussing the dissection and selling of the unborn. Some, namely Hilary Clinton, are against this proposal and defend their position; stating “defunding Planned Parenthood is a war on women or women’s health.” So there are two sides to this argument. Defund Planned Parenthood in order to protect the unborn and stop the selling of unborn parts, or keep it running in order to provide for women. I believe that we should investigate further into the selling of unborn parts, but should not defund Planned Parenthood entirely but cut it in half. I am pro-life but I make an exception if the mother is in danger. I believe that it is a mothers choice to abort an unborn or not, but that does not mean I support it. I believe that we must face our mistakes instead of abandoning them as we run to safety. Now I know some of you do not have the same views but as an American we all have the right to express our opinion, and it so happens that my opinion is that the selling of unborn parts of babies, whether it be for science or not, is despicable and sad.

To finish up I believe we need further investigation into Planned Parenthood and the selling of unborn parts, but, for now, funding should be cut in half.

By Adalwolf Celt

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