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The Four Horsemen of the American Political Apocalypse


Revealed now to a nation in the throes of a nasty Presidential Election, are four politicians bringing destruction and chaos to the American electorate. Lacking in truth, moral character and viable ideological beliefs, these empowered political equestrians are analogous to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as revealed in the Book of Revelations. Where John’s foreseen biblical chastisement portends war, famine, pestilence and death, our political malefactors bring political schism, economic collapse, moral desertion and betrayal. Similar to events in the Book of Revelations, we stand on the brink of governmental destruction and hope for a savior we cannot see.

Hillary Clinton VictimOn the white horse of conquest we see Hillary Clinton conquering election delegates with a prophesied and unstoppable ride to the democratic nomination. Her possible election as President of the United States gives voice to betrayal, lying and even theft. The betrayals are legendary; Benghazi, U.S. uranium interests and classified information. The lies, always following such betrayal, never stop. The theft of Whitehouse Furniture was a classic of depraved Presidential behavior even in the historical mire of scandalous political shenanigans. Hillary rides the white horse of conquest leading to an apocalypse of morality and ethical viability.

Donald TrumpOn the red horse, with a flowing mane of golden comb over, we see Donald Trump. Given power to take peace from the earth, he insults and bullies friends, patriots and enemies alike. The peace of our nation is threatened with great walls of division, bigotry, bankruptcy, the illegal hiring of an army of foreign hospitality workers, the ever present lawyers and civil suits, negotiations with terrorists, government run and mandated health care, naked pictures of our future first lady, international insults in the form of fantasized sexual triumphs over British royalty and the threat of his oversimplified deals. Where Donald walks, there can be no peace. Donald Trump rides the red horse of hypocrisy and chaos.

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 07: U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) holds a news conference to announce their proposed legislation to strengthen Social Security March 7, 2013 in Washington, DC. Sanders and U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) are sponsoring the "Keepping Our Social Security Promises Act," which they say will increase payroll taxes on the wealthest and bolster Social Security without raising the retirement age or lowering benefits. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

On the black horse we see Bernie Sanders with a pair of balances in his hand. He would have our nation steal its way to equality and justice for all. These noble goals are achieved not through the application of hard work and meaningful contribution, but rather by stealing wealth over which the United States government has no legitimate claim. He eschews earned personal wealth while avowing the illicit filling of governmental coffers. The plan is to “reallocate” this stolen windfall in return for votes; the very definition of Democratic Socialism. Specifically, Bernie would place a sales tax on stock investment crippling the U.S. stock market. He would directly steal off-shore money, money the U.S. has no claim to, simply because it is there and he wants it. Through oppressive taxation, he would steal wealth from those who have earned it to give to those who have not; with a large portion naturally going to the government as administrative overhead. He openly espouses the end of economic freedom and the rise of massive and oppressive government. Senator Sander’s platform is the epitome of a democracy voting itself a raise just because they can. Bernie rides the black horse of political apocalypse with a set of scales measuring economic oppression and slavery while calling it freedom.

Chris ChristiOn the pale horse, whose name is death, rides Chris Christi. As Judas betrayed the Christ with a kiss, Governor Christi betrayed Mitt Romney with a hug. Likewise, having sold his soul for thirty pieces of silver he slew Marco Rubio then took his place as Donald Trump’s toady begging for scraps from his master’s table. Chris Christi rides the pale horse of his own political death.

As the world apocalypse prophesied by the Apostle John is the result of humanity choosing sin over righteousness, we have none but ourselves to blame for the U.S. political apocalypse we are now facing. It is our own fault. We are supporting and voting for these miscreants. Even though they are devoid of morality, ethics or ideological truth, we still support and uphold these horsemen of doom. Without a properly educated electorate and a viable moral code of conduct, democracy will always fail. We, as an electorate, are sadly lacking in these two requirements. In ignorance we have chosen apocalypse. By embracing immortality we have replaced it with a fickle and insufficient system of political correctness. We, like the Jews of old, need a savior we cannot see.

Will God not send our nation a hero when we so desperately need one? Where is the George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Franklin Roosevelt for our time? Perhaps it was Mitt Romney, an economically skilled and boring man of high moral ground. If so, the we like the Jewish people of old, shouted; “give us Barabbas” instead. Thus, President Barrack Obama was released to the American people for a second term and we are now left without a savior.


“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo

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