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The Donald in lipstick.


We once were a great country.

We were proud of our heritage. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, General Robert E. Lee, etc. Now we see their flaws. They were slave owners. Instead of assessing their character with the morals of their time, we slap the stencil of our politically correct “modern and enlightened” values and evaluate their actions according to our own world and time; and thus great men of their day have become a hiss and a by word in ours.

We were proud of pilgrims who braved torturous voyages to escape religious persecutions to begin again in a foreign wilderness. Their story, like others, is one of desperation to escape persecution and governmental intolerance. They came here and began the legal foundations of this country. A foundation which would uphold their right to worship. But there were others. These we now hold up because they too had difficult beginnings in this land. African slaves, Chinese labor, illegal immigrants, others. Yes their story is likewise tragic. It is also a part of the American story but, we sin in our denial of reality when we claim this additional story must remove any form of Christian origins from our national identity. We cry into the void; “our nation was not built on Christian/Judeo principles and we call the night day and the moon the sun.

We once proudly placed “In God We Trust” on our currency and added “under God” to our pledge. Not to proselyte but to boldly declare we are free and to shout, we will never bow to Communism. Now we feel the Bern, and our youth clamor for Socialism. Instead of trusting God, atheism is our standard and we describe Islam as a peaceful religion. Thus we marginalize Christianity and even deny the benefits it has brought to our land. Such idiocy we have bequeathed an inaccurate and grand name. We call it, “separation of church and state,” and declare it our enlightened heritage.

We once made great strides in becoming a color blind nation where race and ethnicity were celebrated. Now we are divided, seeing race in a guilt mandated mass of confusion. We see membership in politically chosen minorities as an excuse for violence and demanding retribution; not for the sins of this generation but, for the sins of by gone centuries.

And thus is a once mighty nation self-destructing in a mire of self-pity, divisiveness and victim worship.

We see and we watch and wait for our leaders to straighten our path and to lead us from this abyss of contradiction and hypocrisy. We want our country to be great, but having relegated the greatness of our past heritage to evil, the way back is shut and we no longer know how to find it.

It has been a popular leader of great eloquence who has purposely brought us to the edge of this abyss. And now, in our desperation we look for a national savior. Yet having desecrated our past heroes we cannot turn to a Washington nor a Lincoln. We are done with men of grace and bearing. Rather, we have found the “Donald.”

As savior we have trotted out a man who has built his fortune on strip clubs and casinos. He is vulgar, crass, overbearing, and of dubious honesty. A real pig of a man. Yet, having shunned morality and honesty, we dress him up in a new hat which reads; “Make America Great Again” and allow him the chance to sit in an oval office with our sacred past and we pretend. We marvel and look to his golden combed over halo of glory and wantonly declare he can save us.

We have, as the old saying goes: put lipstick on the pig.

And a large swath of our country rejoices. The rest, can’t stand the stench.

But is it really the pig that stinks?

Here then is the real tragedy. While we have been rejoicing in our freedom from morality and in our identity politics, our country has become a pig sty. And, being a smelly pig sty, we have begun looking for pigs to be our saviors. It is us, the electorate, who have become offensive.

And thus, we have come to the precipice of welcoming President Donald John Trump Jr. to the animal farm. He will make America great again by instilling in us wisdom similar to that coined by George Orwell in his infamous “Animal Farm” of yore: “all animals are great, but some animals are greater than others.”

May God forgive us.

Samuel Waen Jensen

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