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Same Sex Nationalized, the Aftermath


It is still interesting, and sad, that the whole rigmarole of the same sex marriage issue was and still is totally unnecessary, even backwards. The issue of inequality in marriage arises from the discriminatory practice of our government requiring marriage licenses. Why should anyone need government approval to get married? How is that constitutional? Government involvement should simply be one of recording not approval. That allows for all citizens, regardless of sexual orientation and peoples of all cultures to be accommodated. It gets the Supreme Court out of the business of crating new laws. It also gets our government out of the religious freedom issue that the dissenting court judges say we have just jumped into. We sent the wrong question to the Supreme Court and now everything is all messed up. The real question is the constitutionality of government required marriage licenses. A purely discriminatory practice with no practical reason other than to raise a little revenue. Until “we the people” and our government start the see the real problem, I don’t think that the marriage issue is going to go quietly into the night. We now have polygamy, polyandry and others lining up to walk through the same process. Meanwhile, we have some progressives calling for long established churches to change doctrine or face governmental imposed punishment. The whole concept of governmental protection for some while the discriminatory practice continues to affect well-meaning individuals and organizations is misguided. Accordingly, the issue of marriage equality will continue to unnecessarily complicate our lives and divide our population until the underlying issue, discriminatory governmental intrusion into our private lives, is finally recognized and corrected.

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