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A quick note to my Democrat friends.

Still one year away and the 2016 Presidential election is now assured to be a Republican victory. The attack on Paris and the acceptance of Syrian refugees into the United States have moved the election to where it is now the Republicans to lose. Can they still lose it? Sure, the most likely way of doing that would be if Donald succeeds in becoming the nominee. I doubt that will happen. Here is the way I think it will play out.

The shoe will drop on Hillary. I’m not sure how big the shoe will be but, the FBI will indict Hillary Rodham Clinton. Whether or not she will actually be convicted is irrelevant, the scandal will negate her chances of winning the Presidency if not the primary. I understand that many individuals in the Democrat Party simply do not care about lying, breaking the law and shady deals,  but there are enough Americans who still do. Hillary, will not win.

Bernie Sanders in not electable. So far in the primaries, the Democrat candidates have had to play nice with Bernie. To truly vet him would place their own interests at risk. Republicans have no such problem. A general election campaign will quickly tie Bernie’s past hero worship of Chavez and Castro, with his socialistic ideology. Add to that his asinine remarks such as; “Climate Change causes terrorism” and Bernie will rapidly flounder in a pool of his own radicalism.

Martin O’Malley just doesn’t have the base. And that folks, is that. As Joe Biden realized, there just simply isn’t time for another Democrat to mount a viable campaign.

If I were a Democrat (I actually belong to the Modern Whig Party) I would have been actively campaigning for a Republican I could live with; perhaps Kasich or Christie. That would have been the smart bet. Unfortunately, neither are doing very well. It is probably too late for both. The choice then comes down to Rubio and the hope for a sane immigration platform or, Carson and a more dove like approach to international relations.

Logically, the smart play for a Democrat is to support Senator Rubio. You may not like it but, it is the best you can hope for.

Regardless, a quick glance at reality shows there to be a better than even chance that Marko Rubio will be the next President anyway. Remember, you read it here first.

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