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Random thoughts on White Supremacy, Antifa, Slavery and the Confederacy


Just some random thoughts.

  • White Supremacists are stupid and rare. I have never met one.
  • At Charlottesville: Not everyone carrying a bat was a Nazi and not everyone wearing a mask was a member of the KKK.
  • If you poke the bear, you have no right to act surprised when it turns on you.
  • President Trump was correct, there was violence from both sides. There is no moral high ground here.
  • All violence in evil and abhorrent.
  • Having a KKK or Nazi agree with you on the placement of a statue does not make you one of them.
  • Up until the 1960’s, the KKK was the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party in the south. Today, “Antifa” has assumed that role nationwide. It is interesting that these two siblings would have a spat. Was it really grass roots, or really staged? Enquiring minds want to know.
  • The DNC loves to further their political influence and power by creating and controlling a narrative, then solidifying that narrative in the public mind with demonstrations, to wit: Occupy Wall Street, hands up don’t shoot, Black Lives Matter, The Trump campaign colluded with Russia, etc. All most all are fictitious. You can bet on it.
  • (The rule of thumb is that the Democrats lie and the Republicans are incompetent. If you make those two assumptions, you will be right in judging most political issues that arise.)
  • (President Trump is neither a Republican nor incompetent.)
  • It would seem to be with the Russian collusion crisis falling apart, Charlottesville, the Confederacy, and monuments to slavery are just simply the latest pandering for political clout. It would appear to be just another attempt to control the narrative. (Why do people keep falling for this insanity?)
  • Slavery is wrong, even evil. It was evil in ancient Rome. It was evil in Egypt. It was evil as far back as Mesopotamia. It has existed and been a source of evil throughout history. It is evil and being practiced in the world today. Slavery is part of our world and, unfortunately, even part of our own American history. We can’t change that.
  • Thomas Jefferson’s first act when he was elected to the Virginia Legislature (at the age of 23?) was to propose a bill that would make it legal for slave owner’s to free their slaves. At the time, it required the demonstration of exceptional accomplishments and governmental approval. It was not passed. Therefore, Jefferson was not allowed, by Virginia law, to free his slaves. His history however, shows a willingness and a desire to provide his slaves with training in skilled crafts and trades. It also shows an unwillingness to sell them and break up their families. After his wife died and begged him to not remarry, he loved a black significant other for over 40 years. Thomas Jefferson was the author of the words: ALL MEN are created equal. It was not by accident. I don’t think he was a bigot.
  • Robert E. Lee also lived in Virginia and expressed his disapproval of slavery. Was he bound by the same law?
  • Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee were great men of their time. It is unfair to condemn them from our own enlightened and privileged time instead of judging them with reference to the times in which they lived.
  • Monuments to the Confederacy were setup to placate, and as an apology to, the down trodden southern citizens of our county who were badly mistreated and maligned following the Civil War. After Lincolns assassination, efforts for reconciliation became nonexistent. Our northern government was extremely hurtful to all southerners, not just the slave holders. They were US citizens. They deserved our apology. They still do. You can’t draw meaningful conclusions while viewing just a small part of history. It needs to be taken in context.
  • Instead of erasing our own evil part in slavery, something that hasn’t existed for roughly a hundred and fifty years, perhaps we should be celebrating our enlightenment and learning from our past. Perhaps our time might be better spent in trying to eradicate slavery in areas of the world where it still exists.

These are just some random thoughts. It is my desire that they might serve you in clarifying your own thoughts concerning these important issues. If you have any epiphanies, please share.

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