Immigration and Chess


Obama2I just listened to President Obama on immigration. I have to admit that I really agree with and liked the changes he has set forth. If it happens the way he described it, I think the country will be better for it. Now congress needs to get busy and put it into law.

Politically, it seems to be a win as well. The smart move for the Republicans at this point would be to simply draft up legislation to effect those things which the President has decreed by executive order. I would add just one addition; voter ID. (Citizenship should have some privileges.)  That puts the ball back in the President’s court. If he doesn’t sign it (and I am sure he wouldn’t) then President Obama becomes the obstructionist and he is back on the defensive. If he does, the Republicans get their voter ID. A much better chess move than complaining about constitutionality, legality, etc. It makes Republicans sound awfully whiney.

Samuel Waen Jensen

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