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History and Political Correctness


By: Samuel Waen Jensen

I just finished reading Will and Ariel Durant’s “The Lessons Of History.” The Durants were brilliant. I thought I would share just a couple of nuggets that I gleaned from it as they pertain to our current fervor for political correctness.

On Race:

“History is color blind, and can develop a civilization (in any favorable environment) under almost any skin. “

 “It is not the race that makes the civilization, it is the civilization that makes the people”

On LBGT Rights:

The biological lessons of history are competition, selection and that life must breed. “Nature has no use for organisms, variations, or groups that cannot reproduce abundantly.”

“History offers some consolation by reminding us that sin has flourished in every age.”

On Ethics and Religion:

“We frolic in our emancipation from theology, but have we developed a natural ethic-strong enough to keep our instincts of acquisition, pugnacity, and sex from debasing our civilization into a mire of greed, crime and promiscuity?”

“There is no significant example in history, before our time, of a society successfully maintaining a moral life without the aid of religion.”

On Freedom and Income Equality:

“Nature smiles at the union of freedom and equality in our utopias. For freedom and equality are sworn and everlasting enemies, and when one prevails the other dies.”

On the Failure of Government:

“When the group or a civilization declines, it is through no mystic limitation of a corporate life, but through the failure of its political or intellectual leaders to meet the challenges of change. “

Will Durant was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction in 1968 and thePresidential Medal of Freedom in 1977.

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