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John Rawlston Poole
In a recent phone conversation with my son, he was surprised to find out we had some polygamist ancestors. There were two. Austin Greely Green and John [...]
My pick for President
My son occasionally calls me to discuss the presidential candidates. We have had some interesting conversations. Our last visit has led me to make a final [...]
My flirtation with the Republican Party reveals where conservatism fails.
I believe if you don’t actively participate in the election process, then you don’t have the right to complain and, I do so love to complain. [...]
I have an article in an on-line magazine
I have an article that was picked up and published in a new on-line magazine. Welcome to George Orwell’s Animal Farm at Samuel Waen Jensen
Worth passing on.
Pascal-Emanuel Gobry just wrote an article for The Week which is absolutely spot on. It is entitled Hillary Clinton’s litany of scandal. Well worth [...] is successful in Chicago and slips ever deeper into fascism. along with several of its aligned groups, have taken responsibility for the highly organized disruption of Donald Trump’s event in Chicago. I [...]
The Donald in lipstick.
We once were a great country. We were proud of our heritage. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, General Robert E. Lee, etc. Now we see their flaws. They [...]
The Four Horsemen of the American Political Apocalypse
Revealed now to a nation in the throes of a nasty Presidential Election, are four politicians bringing destruction and chaos to the American electorate. [...]
President Donald Trump! (You may want to get used to it.)
In the famous words of Gomer Pile; “surprise, surprise, surprise!” In the beginning of this election cycle, right after The Donald announced his run for [...]
The politics of a SCOTUS vacancy.
A champion of the Constitution, Antonin Scalia has died. He was a great man and will be missed. Enter the circus. The arguments currently surrounding his [...]