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Our current confused state of politics in this, the last week of July 2015.


I really don’t know where to start or what to say. The issues are many and most seem either confusing or stupid. Here is the list.

Donald Trump is leading the GOP pack. Can you hear the world laughing at America and the Republican Party? They are. Really, besides the Democrats, who is voting for him? He is a clown, a buffoon, a caricature of the ugly American. The only thing that he is accomplishing is taking time away from important issues and news time away from serious candidates. He gives the “liberal media” something to report that makes the Republicans look childish. The truth is, he can’t beat Hillary. It is time to face reality and quit the Donald mania. Find a serious candidate and let’s get this election cycle right side up and on its wheels again.

Illegal immigration and Kate’s Law. Fox News (Bill O’Reilly) is pushing a law that will require any aggravated felon that has been deported and reenters this country again to receive a minimum of five years in prison. Ten years for the second offense, etc. The law is in response to the death of Kate Steinle who was randomly shot in the back by a convicted felon who had been deported and then illegally reentered this country five times. Because San Francisco is a “sanctuary city” Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the murder, had just been released by the sheriff’s office to wander the streets and evidently kill at random. The proposed law hopes to keep the worst criminal elements from habitual boarder hoping. Kate’s law is a no brainer and should pass with the provision that it only apply to aggravated felons.

On the John Daily show, President Obama doubled down in denying that the IRS targeted conservative groups. This despite the IRS and Justice Departments having been caught and admitting to the egregious misuse of Federal power. High level government emails also show the IRS’s intention in such audits was to gain lists of individual donors for the assessment of 35% tax penalties. Something the Supreme Court has said violates the first amendment. Nevertheless, the Liar in Chief, President Obama told John Daily it was all Congress’ fault, doubling down on his earlier comments that there is not a “smidgen” of corruption. Joseph Schumpeter said: “The first thing a man will do to for his ideals is lie.” President Obama is a very idealistic man and a habitual liar. (Read it here.) You can tell he is lying by watching his lips. If they are moving, he is lying. It baffles me how the press continually lets him get away with it. Can you tell this abuse of power angers me? In using the Federal Government to stifle first amendment rights, President Obama and his administration are threatening the very foundation of our democratic republic.

The White House failed to lower the US Flag to half-mast after the shootings of service men in Tennessee. The flag finally dipped after four days of pressure and will remain so for five days. One day for each of the fallen. Normally, the state (in this case Tennessee) would fly flags at half-mast in such instances; which it did. The White House does not usually do so for individual soldiers that have lost their lives as the flag would never see the top of the flag pole. The policy is to lower the flag on occasions when the whole country is morning. However, this situation was not normal, the nation seems to have been morning and experts agree that half-mast was appropriate if a little slow. The delay does not indicate any great breach of Presidential duties. Media claims involving race, favoritism, or failed custom would seem to be without merit.

There is a current debate concerning military personnel working in state-side areas considered “soft targets.” It is proposed they be allowed to be under arms (have loaded guns.) I was in the military and believe me, a newly enlisted eighteen or nineteen year old warrior working in a metro area with a loaded weapon is a bad idea. The military gives weapons training that teaches how to kill. It is not the same training received in a police academy. I agree, all Americans should have the right to self-defense but I would argue in this case, the option to carry should be reserved to NCO’s and higher rank. The rank means a little more maturity, experience and a reenlistment or two. That usually gets rid of the crazies and trust me, the military enlists some very crazy and violent people. Let’s give the military a little time to weed them out before we put them on our own streets with loaded weapons.

A current brouhaha is building around Planned Parenthood selling fetus body parts. Those attempting to show some great scandal with a profit motive were a little deflated when the numbers actually showed up, somewhere between fifty and one hundred dollars per sample. With the added effort etc. in harvesting unharmed parts, it is easy to see that there really isn’t a lot of profit here. Nevertheless, the scandal has brought up the abhorrent and brutal practice of at-will-abortion being practiced in these United States. The discussions of little babies being crushed and pulled from the womb by stainless steel forceps leaves an inhumane and barbaric image that brings the entire practice into focus. This nation will not long survive if we continue to murder our babies simply to avoid the repercussions of irresponsible sex. Abortion should never be viewed as a form of birth control! We need to become more focused on the obligations of responsible adulthood and less focused on a women’s so-called right to patronize her libido.

In Texas, a young, “black”, college girl was pulled over by a white policeman for an improper lane change and ended up dead in a jail cell three days later. It is supposed to look as if she hung herself with a plastic bag. We are now finding the “dashcam” video etc. has been altered. Several investigations have been launched. An autopsy however, revealed no reasons for suspicion. Something is wrong here. From improper lane change to three days in jail to hanging. A process which leads to this outcome is seriously flawed. The altered video makes me think that police are at least partly to blame. Breaking from my normal position, I stand with the “black lives matter” group on this one. Given the visibility of white on black law enforcement in today’s America, you would think the officer involved would have been a little more prudent if not just taking a little more care to at least appear professional. The way this incident was handled would show him to be just plain stupid.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to overfly American and European air space. If Regan were still President do you think that Putin would be so bold?

Meanwhile, ISIS continues…


Our nation is a mess. The idiocy, immorality and stupidity just go on and on. I ran across a scripture this morning. “But our kings and our leaders were mighty men in the faith of the Lord: and they taught the people the ways of the Lord: wherefore, we withstood…” (Jarom 1:7)

If ever we need mighty men and women to teach us, this is it. Instead of morality, kindness and the common good, our political leaders are teaching us false concepts that divide and threaten this nation. In fulfillment of prophecy, Good is called evil and evil good.

Do we have any reason to hope? This President has gone from unqualified to being very good at getting what he wants but his ideology and lying will not change. So, I look over the list of potential presidential candidates for 2016 and I have to conclude, we are in serious trouble. I see a couple of mediocre candidates of some faith but… mostly it is just a bunch of hedonistic and self-righteous type A personalities looking to become important or rich. The few idealists seem to either lack God or leadership ability. What we need is John F. Kennedy’s abilities and vitality combined with Jimmy Carter’s faith and humility. What we need is an Abraham Lincoln. Will on of these candidates rise to the occasion?

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