Of Jihad, guns, Donald and a used burka.


On October 1, 2015, I wrote an article inspired by Governor Jerry Brown’s misguided decision to create more “gun free zones,”  in which I asked the question, is California next? On December 2nd that question was answered.

The President’s response to the San Bernardino shooting was almost immediate. A milk toast and ever soggy serving of anti-Second Amendment rhetoric. Once again he fronted his political and tired solutions for gun control dressed as “common sense.” “Common sense” solutions with no bearing on preventing terrorist acts. “Common sense” proposals that will not make us safer. His answer to terrorism on our own soil is to further limit our ability to defend against them. Gun Control is nothing more than a leftist bastard child born of frustration and a desire to do anything that will give the appearance of doing something. It is politics plain and simple. Hillary’s response, in an effort to one-up the old man, was worse.

The fact is: good guys with guns do stop bad guys with guns on a daily basis. Even terrorists. (There is a reason why the target was in San Bernardino instead of Cody Wyoming.) As concealed carry permits go up, violent crime goes down. How many lives in San Bernardino could have been saved if people had been allowed to shoot back? In California, leftist politics has almost made it less traumatic to take your bullet and die than to actually defend yourself.

Donald Trump, never letting the media stray from him for too long, proposed a temporary cessation of new Muslims coming into the United States “until we figure out what the hell is going on.” The context being until we can figure out how to differentiate between radical Islamist extremists and Muslim’s with a more moderate interpretation of the Koran. It too was a stupid solution however, at least Donald’s overreaching and improper suggestion would make us somewhat safer. It is really scary when Donald Trump seems to make more sense than the President of the United States.

Jihad, is a holy war. The Islamic extreme does not kill us because of past misdeeds. They do not wage war against us because of current politics. They murder and frighten us because we are infidels, non-believers. They kill us because we are not Muslim. They kill us because we, as a nation, imbibe, commit adultery, embrace homosexuality, allow our women personal freedom, tolerate Atheism, and a variety of other unholy (according to Islam) sins contrary to the teachings of Allah and the Holy Koran.

There are only three ways this war will end. We kill them, they kill us or, we pick up a cheap prayer rug and a burka for the missus! (A very major lifestyle change for most Americans.)

President Obama seems reluctant to declare war and directly engage those who preach and facilitate the wanton murder of our families and friends on American soil. Further, he is adamant about placing further restrictions on law abiding citizens purchasing guns. Guns we use to defend ourselves. He pampers to Muslim feelings, accuses the right of bigotry, and takes every opportunity to persuade us of the merits of Islam and Muslims while criticizing the United States and Christians. Thus he weaves a false narrative. He seems to ignore one overwhelming fact: There is no Jihad in Christianity.

The right doesn’t hate law abiding Muslims! But rather they are very frustrated by the barrage of lies coming from the White House convincing everyone they do while concomitantly failing to address the loss of American lives in deference to political grandstanding.

Ah, but the Silver Tongued Devil does speak eloquently!

Like many Americans with a semblance of common sense, I feel trapped in President Obama’s web of mediocre performance, high minded international naiveté and eloquent speeches. I feel trapped in a Presidential Borg ultimatum where resistance is futile and where freedom is forfeit to the cube or, as President Obama once put it, “the tribe.” Gun sales would indicate, I’m not alone.

Mr. President, you can’t keep religion out of a religious war! Muslim’s are like any other people. Most are decent, some are bad, and a few are simply evil. Islam simply makes it easy for the evil ones to justify their treachery. The Constitution of the United States guarantees the right to the free exercise of religion. That doesn’t mean evil people claiming religion have a first amendment right to murder us with impunity, nor does it in any way lessen the need for the uninfringed right to bear arms in our own defense.

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