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Nuclear Iran: a young perspective


Written by: Adalwolf Celt

Recently, it has been decided that the U.S. government should make a deal with Iran allowing them to develop nuclear power for energy for their country. The controversy is that some believe Iran will abuse this power and create a nuclear weapon, which is very possible. The threat is very plausible but the president believes Iran not only has had a change of heart but has changed their complete mind set. This thinking, though very optimistic, will undermine safety for not only the U.S but also our allies. Take for instance when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned us of the danger of this deal, saying that the inspection process of the Iranian labs must have a joint commission to inspect, which could take 24 days, is like giving a drug dealer 24 days to clean out his meth lab, which he said, “is a lot of time to flush a lot of meth down the toilet.”

So the question on my mind is what will happen to our allies. The trust between the U.S. and our allies is weakening. What will happen to our relationship with Israel; a country that we helped to protect and to create. I believe that this deal will badly weaken the trust between our country and Israel. Turn the tables. What if one of our most trusted allies decided to give nuclear power to one of our most hated enemies, but says they have it under control and that they trust our enemy not to create a weapon of mass destruction. What would you do?

By: Adalwolf Celt

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