My pick for President

April 22, 2016 - Election 2016, Favorites, Politics
My pick for President

My son occasionally calls me to discuss the presidential candidates. We have had some interesting conversations. Our last visit has led me to make a final decision with respect to who I am going to support in the 2016 Presidential election. Trust me, this decision has not been made without due diligence. I have dutifully watched, read and listened to the political debates, the pundits, and opinion pieces, from both parties and a variety of media for the past year and a half. Having consumed such a large volume of pertinent information, I now feel it my duty to support the person who best exemplifies the knowledge and bearing befitting a President of the Untied States. That person is MEGYN KELLY. Please join me in supporting the only person participating in this election who is both intelligent and presidential.

(If you detect a little veiled sarcasm in this selection, as it touches a certain political candidate, trust me, it was intended.)

Samuel Waen Jensen

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