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Ms. Davis and Jackboots


Currently, there are several analogies on social media trying, and failing, to sound enlightened. The bumper sticker stories are about a woman who does not eat pork so she gets a job at a place that serves pork to ensure no one else can eat it either. The analogies are targeted at Ms. Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk who refuses to issue same sex marriage licenses.

If the story were to be somewhat accurate, it would read: A woman has a religious conviction that she should not eat pork because it is unclean. Right or wrong, it is her belief. She lives in a country where less than 3% of the population eat pork. The majority of the people in that country share the same belief; they eat chicken. She gets a job in a restaurant that only serves chicken. Twenty… years… later… pork becomes popular, people’s attitudes change and the restaurant is forced to serve pork even though it really does not want to. She talks to the manager but to no avail. She has the option to quit but because she is so locked into the company’s retirement after twenty years, changing jobs is financially impractical. Normally, you would try to resolve the issue by talking severance packages, references and assistance in finding something that would minimize the personal financial loss; after all she has been a good employee for the past 20 years. But it is not to be. Instead she is vilified, called fat and ugly on national media. People harass her at work and threaten her life. Ultimately she is thrown in jail until such time as her religious belief changes. The people in this country, where religious freedom is a founding principle, repulsively cheer.

My problem with the entire story has nothing to do with pork, or chicken or, even same sex marriage. My problem with the narrative is a growing penchant in this country for FASCIST ENFORCEMENT AND RECRIMINATION OF ANYONE WHO DARES TO THINK DIFFERENTLY THAN SO CALLED ENLIGHTENED PROGRESSIVES.

Quite simply, if Ms. Davis’ going to jail makes you happy, or if you are one of those people who so malevolently degraded and maligned Ms. Davis for her beliefs, you are no friend of freedom. You are just a mill stone around the neck of a freedom loving country that has lost its way and fallen into the depths of despair. You are no better than those who discriminate against gays. It is time to get yourself a little swastika arm band and a pair of jack boots so you can roam the streets and beat up Jews or, Christians or, blacks or even Mormons. Really, with an arm band and a pair of boots it is historically fashionable to brutally beat anyone who disagrees with your nationally politicized and media propagandized political correctness. The world has been doing it now for seven thousand years.

There is no right or wrong to Ms. Davis’ story. I have always believed, with any project, if you get the concept and the principles right, then the details will fall into place. It was ill conceived to invite the government to tell us who can and can’t get married. It is none of the government’s business. I agree the tax laws, estate laws, hospital regulations and a number of other issues create a discriminatory environment against homosexual individuals. That discrimination is wrong, harmful and for any evangelical readers, it is also un-Christian. The correct way to address such bigotry would have been head on. Fix the tax law and others that discriminate. The incorrect way was to invite the U.S. leviathan into our bedrooms. It was just simply wrong headed to actually ask the Federal Government into our private and religious lives. Ask the government’s permission? Seriously? We fixed the wrong principle. The government issuing marriage licenses is a bigoted practice itself, at one time targeted at biracial couples. The government should be constrained to a recording role in these very personal matters. The concept that went to SCOTUS was not what it should have been. And because we misconstrued the concept, the details are not coming together.

Ms. Davis is a detail. Ms. Davis is a victim of national stupidity. And the bad guys are legion.

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