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Moveon.org is successful in Chicago and slips ever deeper into fascism.


Moveon.org along with several of its aligned groups, have taken responsibility for the highly organized disruption of Donald Trump’s event in Chicago.

I don’t like Donald Trump. I really wish people would quit voting for him. Along with that I support Moveon’s right to demonstrate and voice objection to what he says. But, when they move to silence him and deny American citizens the opportunity to listen, they cross the line into fascism. The rationalization that such action is justified based on Donald’s campaign rhetoric is nonsensical. Donald has the constitutional right to run for President and to make his ideas heard; even if those ideas are hard to listen to. No one, not even the ever wealthy George Soros, has the authority to deny him that Constitutional right. Comedians portraying Trump as Hitler need to open their eyes to the irony. Trump, in all his sensationalism, knows where the line is. It is Moveon who is employing Nazi tactics and trampling the Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees. The mob last night in Chicago was reminiscent of the worst in Hitler Youth groups during the days of Nazi Germany.

Better Trump and his bellicose buffoonery than to lose the first amendment and topple American freedom. Better Trump than progressive Fascism.

It is so telling when far left lays claim to the intellectual high ground and then chooses such benighted and unconstitutional acts to make their point.


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