Mitt Romney 2016: An Initial Reaction


This past week, Mitt Romney has indicated a possible desire to run for President in 2016 and has started to make inquires, etc. to that end. The Moral Middle welcomes his interest in doing so, feeling that Governor Romney is an honest, moral and capable candidate.

There were several issues that hindered his 2012 bid many of them, having been carefully crafted by his opponent, were totally false. For example:

It was alleged that he was too rich. Since when is being successful a disqualifier? That is just twisted. His money was earned legally after having received a good education, working hard and finding a fair bit of luck. In the process Governor Romney learned how to build consensus and accomplish goals. In other words, Mitt Romney found the American Dream. The only reason that becomes a negative is envy pure and simple.

It was alleged that he was “out of touch” with the common American. In church service as lay clergy (unpaid minister) for over 10 years, he would have dispersed the “Fast Offering” funds of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. Members of each congregation donate these “Fast Offering” funds on a monthly basis for the express purpose of assisting other members who are having financial difficulties. Along with financial counseling and job assistance, Mitt Romney was making decisions and using these funds to pay rent, utility bills, medical expenses and other similar financial obligations for members of his congregation. Serving as a Bishop in a student ward, he would have been paying a lot of these. There is no way a person can serve either as a Mormon Bishop or as a Stake President and not have an appreciation and empathy for the poor and those who have run into temporary financial difficulties. That is a major piece of the job description.

It is alleged that Mitt Romney does not possess the aura of leadership to be President. His background however shows him naturally leading projects in his MBA program, while serving as a Missionary in France, at Bain Capitol, as Governor of the State of Massachusetts and in pulling together the Salt Lake City Olympics. Perhaps what these naysayers are really trying to get at is that he may not make a great Entertainer in Chief because he has certainly shown more leadership ability than any junior Senator from Illinois. So what is needed in a President, flair or competency?

Perhaps a major issue in his defeat that the Polls have underrated is Mitt Romney’s membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He is a Mormon. Mike Huckabee certainly took a shot at it. Wolf Blitzer and Whoopee Goldberg definitely wanted to. I think anti-Mormon bigotry affected the election in a more significant way than the polls have indicated. How many voters have a true perspective of what “Mormon” political beliefs are? In partial answer, they believe that American is a choice land. They believe in honoring, obeying and sustaining the law. They believe in democracy i.e., the vote of the majority. They believe in going to war only in defense and specifically in defense of freedom, family and the right for all to practice their respective religion. They believe in assisting the poor and helping others to reach their potential. Can anyone seriously have a problem with any of those values?

Being a moral man, the nation would not have to worry about Mitt Romney embarrassing the nation as Bill Clinton did. The nation would not have to worry about him starting a personal war as George W. Bush did. The nation would not have to worry about the misuse of governmental agencies against good honest American citizens as we have experienced with President Obama.

Accordingly, The Moral Middle welcomes Mitt Romney as a potential candidate for the 2016 presidential election. It is my wish that if a presidential run ensues that this time he will be able to run on his own merits rather than as a caricature created by his opponents.

Samuel Waen Jensen

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