The Truth About American Politics and Guns


Michael Bloomberg first tried The National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence. The idea was to sneak into 25 cities (to avoid pro-second amendment groups) and get photo ops reading a list of people killed by guns. They parked the bus, gathered the small groups needed for the photo and read each name, the date they died and the words; “killed by a gun.” It fell apart when the meager audience realized a large percentage of the names on the list were terrorists or criminals who were killed by police while committing crimes rather than victims.

He then started Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Bankrolled with $27 million, this too faltered as soon as the mayors discovered that it had nothing to do will illegal guns and everything to do with brow beating politicians to submit to Michael Bloomberg’s whims on gun control. The $27 million was being used in negative ads, etc., to fight politicians who had the audacity to defy Michael’s wishes. Some were even on the side of reasonable gun restrictions. Once realized, over fifty mayors fled.

That having been less than a stellar success, Michael’s next shady attempt against the second amendment is Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in which Michael Bloomberg tries to use the false narrative of a “War Against Women.” It is also coming up less than hoped for. In addition to many shady stunts, it paints women as helpless and unable to use a gun to defend themselves. This offends many capable women who don’t want to be victims. It also doesn’t help that these so called “moms” know nothing about guns or their use and often sound just plain stupid and/or misinformed.

His most recent attempt to spend his billions to gut the second amendment is Everytown for Gun Safety. Everytown is set up as the parent organization overseeing Moms and Mayors. Continuing in this long list of unethical attempts to circumvent the second amendment, this name is itself a lie.

All of these organizations, despite misleading noble names, are there for one purpose. To take guns away from the American people. As Dana Loesch puts it when writing about Mayors; “Bloomberg essentially lied to them, that this wasn’t about safety or awareness, it was about banning guns, all guns, outright.”

Michael Bloomberg wants to directly buy America’s second amendment! The statistics that he and his groups use were bought and paid for by Michael and are false representations of reality. Don’t let this rich and pampered one percenter turned zealot make you into a misinformed puppet. Use your brain. Do your own research. Moms, Mayors and Everytown spout nothing but propaganda. If you quote them or spread their subversion, all we see are your strings and none of your ability to actually think.

We have a problem in this country with violence. It is getting better with trustworthy statistics showing a 49% decrease in the recent past. Let’s continue to improve with viable answers to real questions. Michael with his misinformed and “out of touch” nonsense, is not helping.

Samuel Waen Jensen

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For more information, I recommend “Hands of my Gun” by Dana Loesch

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