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Labeling President Barack Hussain Obama


Yesterday in a Town Hall meeting, Donald Trump was asked a question in which the interrogator referred to President Obama as a Muslim and referred to the never ending fallacy concerning our President’s citizenship. A question, I might add, which The Donald seemed to enjoy and failed to correct. Come on people, it is time for this uninformed foolishness to stop. Such wild claims are causing irreparable damage to the conservative brand. Let me share some facts.

President Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was born in Kansas and was a citizen of the United States. That is beyond dispute. Having been born to an American mother, President Obama has claim to American citizenship regardless of where he was born. A good example would be current presidential candidate Ted Cruz who was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. President Obama is a citizen of the United States. So called “birther” conspiracy theories are simple wishful thinking with NO substance.

President Obama is not a Muslim. He claims to be Christian. So be it. This is American, you can be whatever you want to be. Evidence suggests however, our President tends toward Black Liberation Theology. Taken from Wikipedia, Black Liberation Theology is a “perspective, found in some black churches in the United States, which contextualizes Christianity in an attempt to help African Americans overcome oppression.” This is what you hear in from the Reverends Jerimiah Wright, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Understanding Black Liberation Theology sort of makes the Obama religion snap into clarity. Black Lives Matter (BLM), in its true form, is a manifestation of this theology. If you want a conspiracy theory try tying the President into the current rash of BLM protests. (I gave it a go here.)

Having been exposed to Islam in his youth, President Obama does display a lot of empathy toward claimed grievances from the Arabic countries. Indeed folks, if you take the time to research it you will find many of the Arab countries do have legitimate complaints with the good old USA. Something President Obama seems determined to address. The President’s Islamic empathy ties nicely into his observed religion in that Black Liberation Theology frequently deals with liberating all peoples of color.

What President Obama is: The President is a very intelligent American with Christianity leanings through Black Liberation Theology. He is a concerned and loving father and seems to be a devoted and faithful husband. He is concerned about the environment, the poor and people of color.

What President Obama is not: The President does not empathize with all Americans. If you are white, Republican, rich, pious or a second amendment patriot, you need to feel ashamed and the President will not respect you until you do. After all, in President Obama’s perspective, white privilege (whatever that is) and an insecure clinging to God and guns are the reasons for all of the current misery in this wonderful country. Conservatives; you have plenty to complain about.

So, quit saying stupid stuff. You make us all look bad.

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