Is California next? Governor Brown just painted the target.


The LA Times article reads:

In wake of school shootings, Gov. Jerry Brown bans concealed guns on California campuses

I simply cannot understand how anyone can be so stupid. Crazy people are walking into gun free zones to see if they can kill more people than the last psychotic monster and Governor Brown holds the door open for them? Honestly, what is the thought process here? Does he think we don’t have enough “gun free” targets? Has he done too many drugs and burned out his cognitive processes? Does he hear voices and think, “yeah, that’s a great idea!”

Understanding “Gun Free Zones” isn’t rocket science. In every study done by any legitimate group, it has been proven time and time again, guns in the hands of law abiding citizens stop violent crime by a minimum factor of five to one; some studies put it as high as twenty to one.

In three of the more recent mass shootings, the shooter has purposely chosen a gun free zone.

Every legitimate study ever done on the subject shows that as concealed carry goes up, violent crime goes down.

Like I said, it isn’t rocket science.

As I scanned this atrocious headline, my heart sank. As I read the confirming article my mind’s eye pictured the massacre and my thoughts were drawn to how many innocent children will lie, bled out, in classrooms that might otherwise not have been.

The government’s job is to protect the citizens they represent, not set them up as targets!

Yes, we need to do SOMETHING. This is not it. We need to solve the problem not take away what little temporary protection we have. If you need a place to start, start with Kate’s Law. Get rid of the perpetrators. With the bad guys gone, we won’t need protection. You can extrapolate a positive approach to the problem from there.

I have, in days past, lived in California. It is a beautiful place with friendly and wonderful people. As I sit safely armed and write this, my eyes are moist and my heart bleeds for California’s future loss.

The number one cause of death is birth. We all die. Even children sometimes leave us too soon. But, to die so violently while still so young; to have our young ones die frightened and helpless because some tin politician painted a target on them is criminal.

When it happens in California, the blood will certainly have claim on Governor Brown and like Pontius Pilate, no bowl of clear water will cleanse the stain nor remove his culpability in the deaths of the innocent.

Tell me Governor Brown, can you hear laughter? Seriously, that would be Satan laughing at your gullibility.

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