Iran and President Obama


A year or two ago, a man from Idaho drove to Washington DC and took a few poorly placed shots at the White House. To explain why, he ranted some nonsense about President Obama being the Anti-Christ. Those of us live in Idaho were mortified! How could he drag the name of our wonderful state into such stupidity? However, in retrospect, maybe he had a point. If this deal with Iran provides a path for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon, which seems to be a definite possibility, President Obama will have managed to start World War III. George Bush’s private little Iraq war will seem like a small thing in comparison. (There is a fair bit of irony in there somewhere.)

So what is it that the Arab countries, Israel and the US congress get that President Obama doesn’t? Iran is crazy enough to use nuclear weapons if we allow them to develop them. In the words of Phil Robertson, “God Help Us.”

  • Netanyahu felt it necessary to come to the US and address congress against President Obama’s wishes. He did not do that just to make President Obama angry.

Rather than preventing war, President Obama is galloping the near east into one. If the terms are not amenable to Israel and/or Saudi Arabia, there will be an attack upon Iran’s nuclear sites. Meanwhile, President Obama continues forward with his arrogant swagger and groupthink toadies totally unwilling to listen to anyone else.

It scares me spit less! If it doesn’t scare you… well, it should.


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1 thought on “Iran and President Obama

  1. You make a very good point. I to believe that if given the chance Iran will attack first, Israel, and then the western world. Allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons is like giving a person who has threatened to kill you a gun. That is what the negotiations seem to be doing. Iran on several occasions has publicly said that they wish for the downfall and extermination of both Israel and the United States. I to hope our President reconsiders this action.

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