If you enjoy your freedom, thank a child playing with a toy gun.


The Army didn’t teach me how to shoot. I learned at the age of twelve from an NRA sponsored hunter safety course. That skill was then honed, starting at the age of fifteen, through unrestricted access to guns, bullets, rabbits, and the Idaho desert. Thousands of rounds. When I joined the Army at the age of twenty-two, the limited training that the military was able to provide didn’t teach me the skills I needed to be proficient with my weapons. That was OK because I already knew how to shoot. I never missed a target that the Army put in front of me. You see, those targets were no where near as fast as Idaho jack rabbits.

The Army sent me to Military Police School where they did teach me something new. Not how to shoot the side arm they issued me but rather when to shoot it. Being so trained, they put me to work guarding our nation’s nuclear stock pile. A very important, if somewhat boring assignment. On those shifts when I was assigned to work, our nation was the more secure because I was extremely competent with the tools they issued me. Those tools consisted of military grade weapons in the form of automatic rifles, machine guns, pistols, grenade launchers and other, larger items.

It came as a shock to me that I only got to practice with these tools once a year because the Army didn’t have the money to let us shoot more often. My skills were maintained however, by practicing with my own civilian weapons using a large northern California desert as a shooting range. I even found the occasional running rabbit.

A year after I left the military I ended up in the Utah desert guarding our nations chemical weapons. Again, the skills learned as a young man made me feel confident in being able to secure horrific weapons of mass destruction. Again, I was issued military weapons. Again, the Department of Defense failed to teach me the skills I needed. Again, those skills learned in my youth gave me confidence in performing my duties.

There is a point to this. In America today, our children are disciplined for pointing a finger and sounding bang. They are disciplined for chewing a pop tart and commenting that it now looks like a pistol. Young boys are taught and even encouraged by some to become young girls. You aren’t allowed to buy a gun until you are twenty-one. We are taught that masculinity is toxic. Disinformation and blatant lies are spread about guns with the goal of removing them from the public space.

It all makes me wonder, what in the Hell is wrong with us?

I wonder, who is going to be guarding and defending our country ten or twenty years from now? A demasculinized modern man with tattooed eyeliner? A man who was never allowed to touch or even pretend to play with a gun before he was drafted? You may as well line them up and shoot half of them before even bothering to train them. They are going to die just as soon as they meet the enemy anyway. You see, the children of this nation are no longer free to develop as warriors of freedom. We no longer allow children to develop the skills needed. We no longer teach them good from evil. We no longer instill in them a gratitude for freedom or an appreciation for what it takes to keep it. As a result, when this generation become adults, we as a nation will likely lose our freedom.

I no longer recognize the country that I grew up in and swore to defend. I can no longer listen to the so-called news and recognize the country that I love. Perhaps if we were to rediscover some forgotten truths, we might find hope and continue as free men and women in the future. If we fail to remember our past, our freedom will be lost. It will happen. Historically, it always has. Here then is wisdom:

• Owning guns is a right of adulthood. Being an adult has nothing to do with age. An adult is someone who can make and keep covenants.
• Guns, military weapons, won our freedom and continue to keep this country free. Like the Spartans of old, our freedom depends on our ability to raise warriors for each succeeding generation.
• Civilian weapons, AR’s, are different from military weapons. I know, I have hunted rabbits with both. Nevertheless, the skills are transferable.
• A gun-free zone is nothing more than a soft target.
• Legal concealed carry is the friend of the victim.
• American does not have a gun problem.
• Mass shootings come from the decline of the family and a failure to teach our children a moral way of life.
• Mass shootings come from violent video games: games which teach us that if you shoot more people you get a higher score.
• Mass shootings come from violent movies that desensitize us and confuse us about who the bad guys are and who the good guys are.
• Mass shootings come from pornography and the subsequent decrease in our ability to love others.
• Mass shootings come from putting our children on drugs to deal with problems resulting from the shortcomings listed above.
• Mass shootings come from public servants more interested in politics than keeping us safe.
• People promoting gun laws know little to nothing about the guns they are trying to ban.
• Guns won our freedom.
• It is the Second Amendment that has kept this nation free for the past 240 years.
• Politicians who promote the removal of guns do so because they want to rule over us rather than be servants to those who elected them.
• To defend freedom, our nation needs young men and women of character who can keep their covenants; be relied upon to fulfill their obligations with honor; who revel in and are comfortable with their respective masculinity and femininity; and who can shoot.

May we find wisdom soon. May we remember the difference between good guys and bad guys. May we raise yet another generation of Americans with a sufficient number of honorable warriors. May this country remain free! May God so bless our nation.

Samuel Waen Jensen

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