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Hillary, the Victim Party’s Candidate


With “The War on Women,” the 1%, illegal immigration, white cops killing black children, etc., today’s America has become a society of victims. As if the problems were not serious enough, there are those in and surrounding our government who are trying to use such misfortunes to their own political and financial benefit. In doing so, they benefit either financially, as in the case of Al Sharpton, or politically as in the case of President Obama. In the furtherance of Secretary Clinton to presidential candidate, it would appear that victimization has at last reached its pinnacle. Hillary Rodham Clinton has become victimization’s poster-child.

Bill Engvall made his fame with “Here’s your sign” jokes. The idea is that we should just hang signs on stupid people so that we can recognize and deal with them easier. One of Bill Engvall’s jokes went like this:

I’m at the airport, and they lost my luggage, so I go to the lost luggage department. I go up to the girl and say, “Excuse me, You Lost My Luggage”, She said, “Has Your Plane Landed Yet”, I Said, “No Princess, I’m Just Having an Out of Body Experience… I’m Just Checking On It” Here’s Your Sign.

Well, some of his jokes were actually funny. Victims are not. Nevertheless, we could use the same signage process for our carefully nurtured American victims. We could all have a little sign hanging around our neck to identify us as poor, illegal immigrant, black, underpaid woman, etc. Some folks could even have multiple signs. This would be very helpful to the police, the welfare office and even to each other. That way, we would know how to treat one another and would make far fewer politically incorrect, and thereby unforgivable, mistakes. Come to think on it, this sign idea would be especially helpful for certain politicians.

Well, anything I write by way of further description is going to be even more insensitive so let me just say that Hillary’s sign reads; “Spousal Abuse.”

Like John F. Kennedy before him, Bill Clinton is a womanizer. He was a womanizer as the Governor of Arkansas. He was a womanizer as President and, if current reports are to be believed, old Slick Willie is still at it; the victims have just gotten younger. As is usually the case, the most tragic victim in all of his dalliance is his wife. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Can any man capable of repeatedly subjecting his wife and child to such public humiliation be anything but a world class narcissist? Seriously, how can he be so heartless and selfish? By continually putting his own lust ahead of his family responsibilities Bill Clinton is abusing his wife just as certainly as if he were beating her black and blue. In that regard, there is no difference between Bill Clinton and Ray Rice. They are both guilty of unflinchingly and willfully abusing their wives. Hillary is a true victim of emotional spousal abuse with all of its ugly implications.

As an abuse victim, Hillary is caught in the same cycle that inflicts abuse victims everywhere. She keeps going back to stand by her man. She just simply can’t seem to break out of the cycle of abuse. Bill has his fling, he gets caught, Hillary pitches a fit, Bill whines about being sorry, Hillary forgives him, they have a honeymoon period where all is forgiven and wonderful and then it starts all over again and again and again. I wonder, does Hillary even think that Bill’s behavior is her fault?

Hillary wants to be President of the United States but what she needs is an intervention, a safe house and time to find out who she really is without Bill. Like thousands of women throughout the world, she needs to get out and get away from the abuse of infidelity and public humiliation. But for Mrs. Clinton there is no intervention.

Victimization intact, Hillary is being put forward by some in the Democrat Party not only as the first female President but coincidently for the first “Victim” as President. The party which has aspired to make victims of us all, the one that tells us; “you are black and so you can’t be successful,” or others “you are poor so rich people need to give you some of their money,” or yet others “you shouldn’t have to be pregnant just because you have irresponsible sex so the government should give you free contraception and abortions.” That same party, the one which claims to be empathetic and to be striving for a better world, wants us to know that being a victim is OK; you can be a victim and still be the President of the United States. Unfortunately, Hillary’s Presidency will not fix Bill the way he needs to be fixed nor will it break the cycle of abuse.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, President and still victim. The poster-child who shows us that being a victim is alright. Are we really supposed to believe that you can be trapped in the vicious cycle of abuse and still have the independence and temerity to lead the world?

Hillary Clinton for President? Here’s your sign.

I’m pretty sure we would all be better off with Maria Shiver.

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2 thoughts on “Hillary, the Victim Party’s Candidate

    1. The article in your blog skirts the facts. Hillary did lie to the American people about Benghazi. She perpetuated to lie about the attack being a spontaneous outbreak because of “the” video when she and President Obama knew all along that it was a planned terrorist attack. Fact two. Hillary flouted federal requirements when she used her own email server, failed to provide emails as part of the record and then simply deleted emails she did not want others to see. It is not a made up issue. The issue is real, she broke the law. The reason she should drop out of the race is because she is dishonest and unworthy of being President.

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