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Hillary Finally to Announce


Today, Sunday, April 12, 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton is scheduled to announce, via twitter, that she is formally a candidate for the President of the United States. In February, The Moral Middle took a look at Secretary Clinton as a possible candidate. You can read that appraisal here:

President Hillary Clinton? Is She Worthy?

In that article I concluded that Hillary really does not rise to the level of ethical certitude that The Moral Middle advocates for presidential candidates. Since that time there have been several stories emerge surrounding Hillary as Secretary and as Senator. None of those stories have advanced information that would cause me to change that assessment. Rather, my doubts have only increased. While she has been a longtime advocate of children’s and women’s rights; dedication to those worthy causes have not given her the moral foundation that would prevent her from making off with the White House furniture for instance. Her primary view of right and wrong still seems to center on what is good for Hillary.

It is interesting that she would announce just one day ahead of Marco Rubio. Since Senator Rubio announced his date first, this is an obvious underhanded political move to steal his press. Why would she do that? Does she fear Marco Rubio? I doubt it. Rather, I would guess that it was simply convenience. She was ready to announce and he was there ready to be stabbed in the back.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is entering the race to the Presidency as the front runner. She has the money, the support of the Democrat party, experience and the momentum of history. Many people would be encouraged to vote for her out of the desire to see the first woman President. As it did with President Obama, the excitement of setting history should work in her favor.

Her run for the office however, will not be easy. The Republican contenders have been throwing barbs for some time now. Additionally, the conservative talk shows are just plain being nasty. That really should make little difference as the conservative audience will never vote for her anyway. There are rumors however, that the Obama camp is trying to sabotage her run as well as encouraging other possible democratic candidates. Elizabeth Warren and Martin O’Malley are often mentioned. Others are also reported to be testing the Presidential waters. So, there may yet be a bit of entertainment in the Democrat primaries! We can always hope. If the nation is going to spend such large fortunes to elect the next President, it would be nice to get a little entertainment out of it.

Possible outcomes then: it is possible that she may yet be denied the Democrat Party nomination. That would be fun. The other possibility is that she will be awarded the nomination. If that happens there is a very good chance that she will become our next President. There are only two things that can stop her. Her own self destruction or Rand Paul.

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