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Fear Driven Democracy


The 2016 election is different than any election I can remember. A popular talk show host recently speculated about the differences, why non-politicians have become so popular in the Republican Party concomitant with the unpopularity of established politicians. He attributed it to fear.

I think he is correct. Both Conservatives and Liberals seem to be afraid. Both groups fear the loss of freedom albeit, they define freedom differently. Conservatives fear the loss of constitutional guaranteed privileges. They fear excessive intrusion from a government they do not trust. Progressives fear the loss of recent achievements in government mandated rights and programs geared toward giving all individuals equality and protection.  Whichever way you roll, this would seem to be the election of fear! The result is the unlikely popularity of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and even Ted Cruz.

I have to concede, I am neither Republican nor Democrat yet I too feel the fear

I fear the ever increasing volatility in race warfare brought on by a derailed civil rights movement. A civil rights movement now proffering reparations and entitlements instead of teaching and advocating equal access to marketable skills and opportunities. I fear this new visage of entitlement will result in unnecessary, unproductive and violent confrontations between Americans; a return to worse times.

I fear our nation will implode from an ever increasing willingness to disregard all things touching on individual morality and even ethics. We rejoice in our freedom from religious stricture but have failed to replace a once viable religious code with anything that will keep our country from a self-destructive slide into a society driven by greed, lust and narcissism. We have substituted a system of contradictory populist ideas enforced by “political correctness.” A system tied together only in its disregard for individual responsibility and thus morality. Hypocritically touting principles of liberal openness to all ideas, progressivism forces me and other devout Christians to comply with popular hedonistic and pagan ideas. Laws of forceful compliance are passed forcing the ever increasing decadence of our American society, not its liberation.

I fear that health care will become even more unaffordable as insurance companies and private hospitals continue to reap benefit from private insurance as well as the Affordable Care Act with citizens contributing excessively to their coffers. I spend more money for health care than people of any other nation on the Earth. Is my health care the best in the world? Many would say no.

I fear the lack of, and the mockery of, the puritan work ethic which made this country great. Instead we have politicians offering us security for a vote. I fear we have learned to vote ourselves a pay raise rather than work for it. In so doing we are destroying the foundation of our great nation.

I fear for my right to defend myself, my family and my freedom. ISIS has declared war on the western world. Coinciding with these premeditated attacks on US soil, many politicians, the President included, wish to make it more difficult for me to defend myself and mine. Many would abolish the Second Amendment altogether.

I fear terrorism, drug lords and gangs. In essence I fear any organization where members secretly support each other in committing crimes for gain. These organizations undermine the effect of law and strike at the very core of our American civilization.

I fear my own government; not because of a single mistaken issue but because of years of calculated abuse. These include: the surreptitious passage of the Affordable Care Act without a single Republican vote; the use of Executive Orders with the effect of legislation; the NSA gathering metadata on American citizens; the use of the IRS, Labor Department, and Justice Department as tools to coerce and dissuade individual Americans and groups from dissenting political views; and I have even seen the BLM deploy a military force against a private citizen in a dispute about grazing rights.

My government lies to me and I fear its dishonesty.

This is an election of fear.

Fear however, is no excuse for stupidity. Hillary Clinton is dishonest and being investigated by the FBI, Bernie Sanders is a delusional socialist, Donald Trump is an amateur politician and childish narcissist, and Ted Cruz doesn’t play well with others.

It is time to set aside silliness born of fear and say good riddance to all four of these “less than stellar” candidates.

If you must vote your fear, at least vote smart.

Samuel Waen Jensen

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