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Et tu Mitt? The betrayal of friends.


Mitt Romney was easily elected, by the people of Utah, to the office of US Senator for basically three reasons.

  1. Name Recognition.
  2. He was trusted. (In part because of the job he did with the Olympics and in part because he is a prominent member of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ.)
  3. He had an “R” next to his name on the ballot.

A very electable resume’ in this state. That resume’ is now, lost forever.

As you are well aware by now. Before Mitt was even sworn in as a newly elected US Senator, he wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post (yes, that Washington Post) in which he criticized President Trump. The points he made are not new. The President tweets his mind with little care for crafting his words nicely, and he keeps his campaign promises even when the other party would rather he didn’t. Old news. By now we all know the President, his talents, and his vices. We marvel and celebrate many of the things he is accomplishing and choose to overlook his, oft times crude, New York honesty. So, the only question left is why? Why would a freshman senator from Utah, before he even gets sworn in, trash the President of the United States? The President elected by his own political party? I have no clue. Quite honestly, I’m so mad that I really don’t care. An informal survey shows about 80% of my Utah neighbors feel the same way. And Mitt Romney has the audacity to call President Trump divisive?

To Mitt I say:

You stabbed the people of Utah in the back. You broke the trust. You sold out to the Gadiantons. In short, you proved yourself to be the carpet bagger you were so prophetically accused of being.

And so it is, with the all the feelings of a spurned lover, we now declare:

  1. The letters next to your name henceforth and forever will read; “RINO.”
  2. Our trust in you is rightfully lost. Most likely forever.
  3. Your name however, will long be remembered just below Brutus and Benedict.

(Isn’t it curious that both Mitt and Benedict Arnold served the people of Massachusetts? I don’t know why but I find that interesting.)

It just goes to show; you can take the Governor out of Massachusetts, but you can’t take… Well, you get the point.

When you lost the election for President I, and many of my friends, literally mourned. Having voted for you again, this time for US Senator, I find myself mourning for a different reason. I, my family, and my neighbors, will eventually forgive you. That is just the kind of people we are out here in the west. However, forgiveness and trust are not the same thing. We gifted you our hopes and mocked us in the Washington Post. So, have fun with your swamp friends in Washington. Don’t worry about hurrying back. We will still be wallowing in the agony of your betrayal.


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