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Donna Brazile, “Hacks,” and the 2020 election.


Donna Brazile in her book “Hacks,” details the Russian hacking of the DNC servers, the relationship between the DNC and the Clinton campaign, and puts forth some ideas about the DNC’s failure to get Hillary elected. (And yes, I did read the whole thing.) For me, there really weren’t any big surprises. Hacks allows the reader a glimpse into the machinery of a National presidential election. I found it at times somewhat vulgar, but still quite interesting, and it was easy to read to the end. Somewhere in the process I found a reluctant respect for Donna. While still fuzzy on traditional values of right and wrong she does display a strong sense of tribal morality. I wouldn’t say that I would always believe or even trust her, but I did find a warm respect for her skills and her loyalty to “the party.”

However, there are some discrepancies. For example, the denial she makes in the book to leaking the debate question, conflicts with the answer she gave Thursday (November 9, 2017) “I didn’t want them to get blindsided.” That leads me to take most of the book with a grain of salt. Nothing new there. I have long maintained that as a generalization, the Democrats lie and cheat while the Republicans are simply incompetent.

Having read her account and excuses about the DNC losing to someone as vile as Trump, it merely brings into focus that there still remains a total lack of understanding among Democrats as to how they could possibly lose. Donna seems to be as confused as the rest. It is simple enough. I don’t think Russia had much to do with it. Rather, it was the culmination of running a flawed candidate following eight years of President Obama neglecting middle class voters, kowtowing to other nations, race based politics, Harry Reed telling straight out fabrications on the Senate floor, and a complete replacement of any semblance of morality with a flawed system of political correctness instead. It really isn’t rocket science. Democrats, cocooned in a fairytale web of pandering and race baiting, are simply out of touch with real Americans. Most people still have a sense of nationalism, believe that politicians should be honest and accountable, feel that all Americans are equal, and have an atavistic understanding of right and wrong. They want politicians with the same values.

However, the book did remind me of why I disliked Trump. He is simply a cad. Nevertheless, I felt an overwhelming sense of euphoria when he won. Not because I found him to be the super candidate but simply because Hillary and the Clinton crime family lost. I must admit though, I am pleasantly surprised by how well he is doing. Who would have thought!
Looking to the future, I would still like to see Trump step aside for election 2020. After all, he really isn’t Presidential. Perhaps a ticket with Paul Ryan and Mia Love would catch the imagination of the nation. However, any ticket with a never-trump candidate such as Lindsay Graham, John McCain, etc., is simply a loser, offering no choice. I would much rather see President Trump remain in office than to return the Presidency back to the Gadiantons.

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