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Do Black Lies Matter?


Trayvon Martin, a seventeen year old black man, was tragically and fatally shot in February of 2012. He was walking through a neighborhood, where he was not known and where recent burglaries had been committed by young black men. A local resident, George Zimmerman called the police and then followed him. There is little actual evidence about what happened next. What evidence we do have points to Trayvon becoming upset at being followed and confronted George Zimmerman, throwing the first punch. During the ensuing fight, Trayvon had George on the ground and was viciously beating him when the gun was produced. A scuffle for the gun lead to Trayvon being mortally wounded.

The lies about white on black violence (George Zimmerman is actually brown.) started shortly afterward. The worst of the lies being “He was shot down like a rabid dog.” President Obama chimed in with, “He could have been my son.” Additionally, the reverends Jackson and Sharpton were on the scene to escalate the false narrative.

In August 2014 Michael Brown and a friend looted a local market store stealing some cigars and roughing up the store clerk. Then walking down the middle of the street, a police patrol, aware of the reported crime, asked them to move to the sidewalk. Michael Brown attacked Officer Wilson through the open window of the patrol car. A struggle for Officer Wilson’s firearm resulted in Michael being shot whereupon he started to flee. Officer Wilson exited the patrol car in pursuit. Michael turned and rushed the oncoming policeman and was fatally shot. He never raised his hands or tried to give up.

Once again, for profit race baiters were quickly on the scene and the lie “hands up, don’t shoot,” was fabricated. The result was on-going demonstrations and riots. It was also the catalyst which solidified the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

There have been other recent instances of police killing black men. Some of them have been equally difficult to defend as a “cause”, while others would indicate the police acted inappropriately. Regardless of the facts, Black Live Matter, has been there to further the narrative and build the deception. The cause however, which started with the unequal treatment of blacks by American police has now grown to include systematic white supremacy. Perhaps the biggest of the lies.

In a nation with a black President who has served two terms; in a nation where a disadvantage poor and black young man grew to be a world renowned surgeon and might possibly be elected the second black President of the United States; I fail to see how accusations of Systemic White Supremacy can have any validity. Individual acts of stupidity will always exist but claims of systemic white supremacy would appear to be another fabrication of the left. Please, if I am wrong give me some concrete examples.

The latest incarnation of this cause is now happening at the University of Missouri. Protesters have been decrying systemic racism and making demands. A major point has been the administration’s inability to address racial issues effectively. This has led to the President of the University and his Chancellor to resign. The cause? Feces smeared on a restroom wall; racial epitaphs spoken off-campus and possibly one spoken on campus. An announced hunger strike engaged in by a very rich young man who seems mostly interested in a change to graduate student health insurance (brought on by Obama Care?) And, a manufactured sighting of KKK on the campus.

I fail to see how these instances point to systematic evidence of anything. The “system” didn’t smear feces on the wall. More likely is was done by a deranged student with mommy issues. However, the protest of Systemic White Supremacy! Continues. Given the proximity to Fergueson, it would appear what we have is another Black Lives Matter protest.

This protest, like many others, would appear to be a simple fabrication.

The real question should be; Do Black Lies Matter? The answer is yes, but not for the reason you would think.

We live in a time when the neo-liberal cause, along with the Democratic Party, have built the left wing agenda on lies. The President of the United States, The Secretary of State, The United States National Security Advisor, the Head of the United States Department of Justice and the former Speaker of the House have all blatantly told lies and used manufactured causes to further the political aims of this administration. After seven years of falsehoods, supported by a liberal media, Lying has become part of our national culture. These students are only acting out poor behavior they have learned from our nations highest leaders.

Black lies do matter to Darin Wilson, Tim Wolf, Brady Deaton and others whose lives have been tragically ruined because of their deceptions. Black Lies Matter is the spawn of our current administration and neo-liberal politics. This is important because it shows us just how corrupt, immoral, self absorbed and hateful our nation has become.

Black lies do matter, just not for good.


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1 thought on “Do Black Lies Matter?

  1. Interesting, including the title spin. In the daily news cycles, I am with you on the lies and misdirection. It seems as truth is uncovered in stories, we never clearly hear that follow up (“oh by the way, he was attacking the officer instead of giving up as we reported for weeks”).
    As for the executive office, I blame unrealistic expectations given to us in the sales pitch to get elected…..well, guess that’s lieing too.

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