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Senator John Cornyn has introduced the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act in the Senate. Basically, the bill would allow a carry permit from one state to be valid in any other state which allows concealed carry. The states would reciprocate in accepting the others permits. A similar bill was recently presented and almost passed. With the Republicans regaining control in the Senate and picking up some seats in the house, it is very possible that the bill will be successful this time.

Opponents list the weakening of gun laws at a time when they need to be strengthened; bad guys crossing borders; differing requirements between states; and the loss of state’s rights to determine who should carry in their state as reasons why the law should not pass.

Proponents of the bill point out the individuals who have applied for and been issued carry permits are not the bad guys. The main reason for the law is the high level of confusion and uncertainty in trying to decipher all the variations in current reciprocity. Those that would benefit from the law are law abiding citizens.

The Moral Middle has posted on this subject before. “A Gun Proposal” The argument about state’s rights was predicted along with the need for a normalization of requirements between states. It would not be amiss for the government to set a minimum requirement for reciprocity to include a background check and a minimum amount of training. I like Utah’s permit requirements.

In fine though, The Moral Middle supports the passage of this bill. It eliminates confusion and assists those who feel a need to protect themselves and others. It protects those who are trying to live by and sustain the law. We really need to applaud those citizens who are willing to put their safety and even their life on the line by legally and responsibly helping to protect and secure the people of this nation. Rather than being condemned, such individuals need to be commended.

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