Family Sermons

(This is a talk I gave in Sacrament Meeting a couple of weeks ago.) Not too many years ago, I attended an “All Employee Meeting” at BYU-Idaho. Toward the [...]
John Rawlston Poole
In a recent phone conversation with my son, he was surprised to find out we had some polygamist ancestors. There were two. Austin Greely Green and John [...]
A Death in the Family
Today my Father-in-law passed away from complications following surgery. I did not know him extremely well but I found him to be a thoughtful man deeply [...]
A God supportive of choice that belies man-made constructs.
Part 2 in a 3 part series on Religion Warning, heavy religious content.   Jeff Porterfield started an interesting discussion on LinkedIn. Entitled; [...]
God’s witnesses.
(Part 1 in a three part series on God and Political influence.) Warning, heavy religious content. The earliest evidence of God, comes from the Old [...]
Reconciliation of Science and Religion
Fossils of man in his present form are dated as being 150,000 years old. What we refer to civilization has existed for about 6,000 years. Assuming that the [...]
Homage to Pahoran
Recently some questions about the story of Captain Moroni and Pahoran came up in our conversations at home. It was wondered why Moroni was so forceful with [...]
Death and memoriam
Just over a year ago, my mother passed away at the age of 79. She had been sick for about 3 months. Having visited several doctors she was unable to find [...]
Of Light and Life
“Let there be light,” Genesis 1:3 Most of us will recognize this as the declaration from God at the beginning of the creation. Yet in John 8:12, [...]
This Easter, My Different Jesus
Many years ago; I believe it was in “Lichtenrade,” a suburb of Berlin, I had a religious discussion with a young man in his late 20’s. At the end of our [...]