Can Donald save us from the greatest lie in American Politics?
What would you consider the greatest lie in today’s political arena? There are a lot of lies to choose from. Some are real whoppers. The worst [...]
John Rawlston Poole
In a recent phone conversation with my son, he was surprised to find out we had some polygamist ancestors. There were two. Austin Greely Green and John [...]
The western issue behind Ammon Bundy and his gang of thugs.
Some years back, my wife and I took an early season trip into Yellowstone National Park. It was practically in our backyard in those days which allowed us [...]
A Death in the Family
Today my Father-in-law passed away from complications following surgery. I did not know him extremely well but I found him to be a thoughtful man deeply [...]
Do Black Lies Matter?
Trayvon Martin, a seventeen year old black man, was tragically and fatally shot in February of 2012. He was walking through a neighborhood, where he was [...]
Is the U.S. offering up our daughters to government sponsored rape?
 “… we need to pull our country back from the precipice that leads to hell.” –D.C. McAllister from the Federalist  Yesterday, as I write this, our Federal [...]
Why Benghazi Lies Don’t Matter
It is wrong to lie. Recently I listened to Megan Kelly’s interview with Charles Koch. I was impressed and judged him to be a highly principled, hardworking [...]
Of Guns and Idiots
Quite a few years ago, my uncle remarried. With his new bride came an eighteen year old son that had been raised in the urban areas of New York. The rural [...]
A God supportive of choice that belies man-made constructs.
Part 2 in a 3 part series on Religion Warning, heavy religious content.   Jeff Porterfield started an interesting discussion on LinkedIn. Entitled; [...]
Ms. Davis and Jackboots
Currently, there are several analogies on social media trying, and failing, to sound enlightened. The bumper sticker stories are about a woman who does not [...]