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Carly Fiorina, Presidential Candidate


I have been wanting to write something about Carly Fiorina however, today I ran across this article in The Week magazine from Michael Brendan Dougherty and I find that it fits with my feelings quite well.

What the GOP field can Learn from Carly Fiorina: by Micahel Brendan Dougherty


Carly has no political experience and so at best she is a candidate for Vice President. I rather like her in that capacity. But, is she a moral person with a solid ethical foundation and ideology? I really couldn’t say. She does use her charity organization to spend her own money. That is a big moral step ahead of the competition who uses her charity to gather other peoples money for her own use. At a minimum, Carly should make the upcoming debates (the first one August 6, 2015) a lot more interesting. I can’t wait.

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