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Can Donald save us from the greatest lie in American Politics?


What would you consider the greatest lie in today’s political arena? There are a lot of lies to choose from. Some are real whoppers. The worst however, seems to go unnoticed. Probably because it is so simple.

“If a little is good, more is better.”

I know, it seems innocuous enough on the surface. Think about it though. This little gem permeates all American politics and all political parties. It is perpetrated by Progressives, Conservatives and even Libertarians alike. Indeed, this lie is so pervasive it has infiltrated the very foundations of our entitled society. A lie so simple in concept and yet so devious in practice it has become the main stay of American political evil. A stealthy little untruth, it evades detection. But this simple statement does explain a variety of our political problems. Issues like the end of American exceptionalism, governmental overreach, the loss of hard won constitutional freedoms and even the decline of a moral American society.

You scoff?

Allow me to demonstrate how we, the American electorate, allow this simple lie to take great concepts, abuse them and then bind us in self defeating chains that keep us from being the great nation we should be. Here are some quick and dirty examples:

The First Amendment includes protection for free speech. The intent is to allow free debate of our politics, beliefs and the nature of our lives. It is misused when a lying Harry Reid stands on the floor of the United States Senate and deliberately, and with malice, proclaims he has information showing Mitt Romney has paid no taxes for the past ten years. It harms our nation when this right is stretched to protect the disease of pornography and our families are destroyed.

The Second Amendment recognizes the right to bear arms. The intent is to provide a check on our government becoming a totalitarian regime similar to the one we had escaped from and, to a lesser extent, to provide the American citizenry a means to protect their family and lively hoods. It is misused when a man slings an AR15 rifle over his shoulder to go shopping at JC Penney’s. It becomes evil when sick individuals are able to obtain very capable weaponry to perpetrate violence on a innocent population.

Our nation provides the opportunity for all citizens to obtain an education. The intent is to create a means whereby all citizens are limited only by their innate abilities and a willingness to work hard. It is misused when colleges and universities see Pell Grants and student loans merely as a conduit for Federal Funding and accordingly fatten their budgets by simply raising in the cost of higher education. It becomes evil when a free college education becomes an entitlement, supported by excessive taxation to be forcefully born by others.

We have the right to assemble and to peacefully protest. The intent is to allow grass roots participation in the political process and to provide a means of redress for wrongs. It is abused when the Westboro Baptist Church disrupts private family burials of American heroes having nothing to do with the issue they are protesting. It becomes evil when these rightful assemblies result in the unchecked disruption of legitimate commerce, looting, property damage and violence against others.

Our nation has a moral and scientific concern for our physical environment. The idea is to maintain sustainable environmental cycles (carbon, water, nitrogen, etc.) in support of future generations. It is abused when politicians spin false and/or emotional environmental ideas simply to consolidate power and garner votes. It becomes evil when these false political ideas gain the standing of law and regulation.

That is how it works. What is most intriguing is how pervasive it is. It really doesn’t matter what political subject you pick; wilderness areas, federal spending, federal oversight of public lands, immigration, voter registration, taxes, etc. Some group or another is trying to push the concept over the edge. Most ideas started with good intentions and indeed, most have made our country a better nation. However, in today’s polarized political environment, these good ideas are being abused and many are being politically pushed right and left to where they have become self defeating; our preferred brand of national insanity. Something needs to be done to constrain this nonsensical transmutation of good government to evil political enterprise. Somehow we need to confront our national insanity.

Well, it is an election year. In this year of change is there a choice that can help us to correct these excesses? Might that choice be Hillary or Bernie? Unfortunately no. Both are leaders in creating the very abuse and excesses we are talking about. Ted Cruz was equally culpable.

So might it be The Donald?

A very depressing thought and at first glance no. But when you look at it, isn’t that exactly why he is doing so well. When taken in context, and with a good dash of “what did he really say thrown in;” he seems to be proposing an honest and forthright intolerance of our national self defeating behavior, a repudiation of political correctness, a firm stance against the over inflation of grand principles with its ultimate harm to our nation. And in the midst of all this, the man can’t help but act the pig. I find it extremely ironic for a person who often displays so much excess in his personal life to intrinsically understand when political correctness has gone too far. It is even more ironic because his campaign is a perfect example of over indulgence and hype. And yet, if we forget about his brouhaha on immigration, a study of his polices when taken in conjunction with past practice, would seem to reveal a temperate platform.

If this election brings hope for America’s future, it would seem to lie with The Donald and in his being able to implement an administration based on common sense rather than political correctness.

(Whoa, I got a little dizzy just writing that.)

Whoever they might be, if we are to survive, we desperately need to find leaders who understand this truth:

All lofty ideologies, when pushed beyond the boundaries of their innate value, become not superfluous but evil, undoing much of the good they have accomplished.

And so, good becomes evil, beauty becomes garish, melody becomes noisome, fragrance becomes overpowering, sweet becomes overly rich, freedom can become chaos and a representative government can morph into tyranny.

God help us find leaders with some common sense.


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