Discourses of Brigham Young: Compiled by John A Widt


Some might be surprised to find the writings of Brigham Young in a list of books on politics. It really should not be a surprise as a good argument could be made that Brigham Young was the most successful Governor in the history of the United States. Consider that under his direction 80,000 pioneers were brought successfully across 1300 miles of plains. Many of them having started from Europe and the South Seas. That under his direction, over 400 communities were established. These pioneers were responsible for overwhelmingly settling the west from Colorado to California and from northern Mexico to southern Canada.

The Discourses of Brigham Young have taught me the importance of our leaders having a solid foundation or core of beliefs on which to stand. Brigham Young’s teachings on government are the foundation of this blog.


“A  republican government in the hands of a wicked people must terminate in woe.”  Brigham Young

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