The Moral Middle: Bigotry in a List


Lists are used to organize our lives. My wife says you can spot an “IT person” because they walk around Walmart with an Excel spreadsheet. I confess, I use lists constantly. They help me get my work done, remember the grandchildren’s birthdays, outline a presentation and, yes, I have used an Excel spreadsheet as a shopping list.

Some lists, however, are not helpful. Some lists are even very harmful. For example:


Nixon’s “Enemies List”

Obama’s “List of 8”

McCarthy’s “list of 130 communists”

IRS’ “list of conservative 501(c)(3) organizations

Adalah list of ‘discriminatory laws’


David Ives wrote of similar lists: “Lists are anti-democratic, discriminatory, elitist, and sometimes the print is too small.” Indeed, these list are all of that. Here is a new addition to the haters list of lists listed above:

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of Extremists.

As I understand it, this list of extremists was to bring public awareness to groups who are, by nature, discriminatory. A lofty goal. In the news today however we find The Southern Poverty Law Center guilty of the very thing that claim to battle.


They have added Ben Carson to their list of extremists, not because he belongs to some group of zealots, but simply because he has a valid difference of opinion. One more example of ironic liberal bigotry.

Neo-liberals and/or Progressives have some very valuable viewpoints. This kind of antiquated hate list bigotry is not helping to move those ideas forward.

“All lofty ideologies when pushed beyond the boundaries of their innate value become not superfluous but evil, undoing much of the good they have accomplished.” -waen


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