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Bernie Sanders in Weekend at Bernie’s part three


In the movies, Weekend at Bernie’s parts one and two, Bernie is already dead but in order to save the weekend party two young accountants pretend that he is still alive. The ensuing comedy was hilarious the first time through but subsequent viewings I found less amusing.

Likewise, Bernie Sanders is trying to save the party and like the movies, Bernie an avowed democratic socialist, is already metaphorically dead. He has no chance of being successful. In fact, his only contribution to this election will be to move Hillary Clinton and any other democratic candidate a little further to the left.

Sen. Sanders was recently interviewed on ABC’s This Week. When Stephanopoulos said Republicans were likely to jump all over Sanders for saying the U.S. should be more like Scandinavia, the senator said he has no problem with that. To quote:

“That’s right. And what’s wrong with that?”

Well Bernie, nothing at all if you are Swedish and living in Sweden. However, this is the United States of America. A land built by revolution, picket lines, pioneers, sailors and cowboys. A land of diversity. A land built on freedom and self-reliance. So Bernie your answer is, there is nothing wrong with it, it just isn’t the way we do things here where government intervention is often viewed as government intrusion. It short Bernie, it isn’t the “cowboy way.” (For a more in depth discussion click here.)

So Senator Sanders, in the vernacular of many a wise old man of the west; “quit yer whinin and cowboy up!”

I do like two things about Bernie. As a friend of mine pointed out, Bernie is not playing identity politics. I am so sick of politicians trying to divide our country to further the “party” that I find Senator Sanders lack of divisiveness quite refreshing. Also, I think that Bernie is sincere. I feel that his politics are a result of his beliefs rather than political expediency. Therefore, while I may not agree with his views, I can respect him. (Maybe I should register as a democrat and vote in the primary? Better a leftist Bernie than a lying and dishonest Hillary. Just a thought.)

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