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Ben Carson – Humble doesn’t necessarily win


Recently as I got into my vehicle the speakers were playing one of those radio talk shows that I really try to avoid. A woman had called in and was gushing about how enthralled she was by Ben Carson and his ideas. I remember she called him a very humble man. She also hoped that he would get the chance to debate with Hillary Clinton as she felt that he could expose her for the fraud that she is. Quite frankly, I found her comments a little naive and, in that regard, also disturbing.

In my younger days, I spent several years employed in Human Resources Administration. One of the things which I was responsible for during that time was to write and evaluate job descriptions. I am not sure how many I put together but it must be several hundred. Another thing that I was sometimes tasked with was to assess the skills, knowledge’s and personal attributes that a person needed in order to be effective, or successful in a position. The net result is, I feel that I understand the way that work is put together and what skills are needed to get it done. This past experience is the underlying reason that the radio callers comments disturbed me. She obviously has no idea what it means to be President or what skills and knowledge a President needs be successful.

Dr. Ben Carson has become one of the conservative darlings. He has said some very insightful things and because of that, he seems to be receiving some traction. The Washington Examiner wrote:

“Carson’s brand appears to have exploded online as well. Carson led all GOP candidates in terms of “Facebook interactions,”

Well, yeah. Dr. Carson is a highly intelligent and popular person. I believe him to be an honest, sincere and moral man. I would be very surprised to find any skeletons of consequence in his closet. He has a nice family, a nice demeanor and he is insightful. He also portrays conservative values well, thinks for himself and has a deep morality born of religious ideals. So what could be wrong?

The problem with Ben is not in what he is but rather what he is not. Dr. Ben Carson is not an experienced politician and admits to being a political neophyte. Ben Carson is not an experienced leader of industry with experience in running extremely large organizations such as the United States Government. What it comes down to is; Ben really doesn’t have the connections to work compromises; he doesn’t have the seasoned skills or careful communications that a presidential candidate who is continually in the spotlight needs; he doesn’t have the breadth of knowledge needed to confront issues in economics, foreign relations, military action; law; etc. In short, while Ben Carson is bright, he just simply does not meet the minimum qualifications for the position.

One problem with his lack of experience is showing in his frequent throwing of political goofballs. He has said and will continue to say things which a seasoned politician would not. As an example, just the other day he said: “I am trying to learn to communicate my ideas better.” Really? I think we would be better served by a president that has already mastered the art of communicating ideas. I think that would be one of those minimum qualifications.

Do I like Dr. Ben Carson? absolutely. Does he meet The Moral Middle test for honesty and morality? once again, absolutely. Dr. Carson is a nice man. He as nice ideas, a nice family, a nice slow speech pattern and nicely, he is a neophyte. Dr. Ben Carson is a humble man. However, if he gets to debate Hillary, he will lose. If he should win the Presidency, he will be steamrolled by Congress and will be one of the least effective Presidents that we have ever had. Dr. Ben Carson, new to the political playing field, needs to start somewhere commensurate with his experience, not with the Presidency. As of right now, The Presidency is above his pay grade.

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