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An Open Letter to David Hogg


Dear David

I think you are a smart young man. Some people my age may try to say that teenagers are too inexperienced to be considered wise or smart. I disagree. When I was your age I was extremely bright. A fact that surprises me to this day close to fifty years later. Many of the so-called truths I discovered at your age are still with me. However, life has knocked some of the corners off my sharply held ideas. That is what some would call wisdom. So, besides your being smart, let me offer you the opportunity to be wise as well. May I round off some of the edges for you? I think I can save you some embarrassment and possibly some hard knocks as well.

First, abandon the fascism. Let me give you an example. Some time ago you had a run it with Laura Ingram. I really don’t like her approach, even when I agree with her. She is a bit too harsh for me. The issue here is not whether her assessment of you was right or wrong, the issue I have is your response. It was way too heavy handed for the offense. Somewhere there, you crossed the line from healthy debate to fascism. She has the right to her opinion as you do yours. In this country we believe in free speech, even when it contradicts us. You needed to simply accept her apology and get on with your business. Attempting to ruin someone’s career because they disagree with you is, as I said, simple fascism. Is that really where you want to be?

A little thought on the way you speak. When I was sixteen I took up swearing. By the time I was eighteen I had discovered that it didn’t make me sound grown up, it made me sound ignorant. To paraphrase the Apostle Paul; “when I was a child, I acted as a child but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” If you want to be taken seriously, you need to start talking like an educated man. Quit the vulgarities. Your too smart to need them.

One of the most important things you can do in life is to choose your friends carefully. When I was a soldier they promoted me from a Specialist Four to a Corporal and put me in a supervisory position. My true friends supported me and helped me to succeed. Those who were only using my friendship for their own benefit, turned on me. In this regard, I worry about the people you seem to be associating with. Those folks that are writing your speeches, financing your gigs, pandering to you in interviews, and supporting your marches are not nice people. From here it looks like you are simply being used. If true, as soon as they no longer need you, they will trash you and throw you to the side of the road in a most unpleasant way. Perhaps you have already seen the beginnings of that? Just saying. Be careful and make true friends. Just as a side note, true friends often disagree. They like and trust each other enough to do that.

Any public debate needs to be based on a foundation of truth. It appears there are some truths about guns you still need to learn. A few are worth mentioning.

  1. It was our private ownership of guns that made it possible for us to chase the British out and thereby elect a President. If you do away with private ownership of guns, you do away with free elections and you end up with a king or oligarchy. I can explain this to you in depth if you would like but for now, I will keep it simple. Guns and a democratic republic. No guns and either a King or some other form of oligarchy. Guns and freedom. No guns and tyranny. It is that simple. Politicians who support gun control (banning guns) do so because they want to rule rather than serve. Individuals who want to ban guns do so either out of fear or just plain being evil. Freedom and guns. No guns and tyranny. Two simple choices. Again, where do you want to be?
  2. If you get rid of guns, crime, especially violent crime, increases.
  3. Gun violence in the United States is going down, not up. It has decreased by 50 percent in the recent past.
  4. Good guys with guns do stop bad guys with guns; every day.

Last, the most important thing I think I can pass on to you is attitude. My young friend, you seem to be filled with a lot of hate. I understand where that comes from and the natural tendency to go there after the tragedy you have witnessed. Going forward however, you need to ask yourself, does this hate bring you closer the shooter or the victims? Men who do the shooting are full of hate. That is where hate leads you. I would suggest that no matter how difficult it is, you need to try and set the hate aside. The people you are trying to influence will respond better if you if you don’t openly hate them.

In summary then. You need to forgive and quit with the Fascism. Stop your vulgarity. Chose friends who aren’t simply using you for their own power grabs. Use true facts in your debates. Most important however, let go of the hate.


Your friend,

Samuel Waen Jensen

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